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By choosing RetailMotion, there are absolutely no limits to the creative possibilities. Deliver entertaining and informational content to engage customers and convert sales with RetailMotion Digital Signage.Learn More

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Provide menu item information combined with enticing imagery and eye-catching video to help captivate and influence your customers at the point-of-decision. Engage shoppers and differentiate your brand experience.Learn More

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Create rich, exciting & immersive user experience with RetailMotion expertise. We design & develop customized content, provide ongoing support to enable you to deliver greater impact, when & where it matters most.Learn More

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Our platform consists of the industry’s most advanced cloud based content and campaign management system providing a wide range of capabilities. Integrate the RetailMotion system and streamline your business. Learn More

Digital Advertising and Retail Signage : A sign for the times

In a world revolutionised by technology, static promotional material is being leveraged, and in some parts replaced entirely, with more interesting, interactive and impactful ways to communicate messages. When it comes to attention-grabbing in-store advertising, RetailMotion is one of Australia’s leading developers, designers and distributors of this latest breakthrough in point-of-sale promotion – Digital Signage.

Digital Signage has changed the way brands interrupt shoppers and interact with them. The conversation is now a two-way dialogue with customers being able to seek out the information they need and brands being able to push the information they want them to see.

What can we do for your business?

From targeted, live action advertising, to incentives that can be changed in an instant from one central location, Digital Signage gives you exceptional freedom and flexibility when it comes to getting noticed. And from a massive range of detailed product information at their fingertips, to an entire season’s fashion collection in one virtual wardrobe, Digital Signage gives customers unprecedented access to whatever they’re looking for in store.

As well as eradicating the time, effort and cost of reprinting and replacing your traditional point-of-sale messaging, Digital Signage gives you the ability to maximize your messaging with innovative and compelling communications.

And with over 70% of buying decisions made in-store, the need to encourage, entice and even entertain customers at the point-of-purchase has never been so important! So whether you’re looking for interactive kiosks, customised shelf-talkers, digital displays, L.E.D retail signage, backlit translites or posters with more punch, RetailMotion is your one-stop-shop for all your retail signage solutions.

As a partner of GuihenJones – Australia’s leading in-store retail communications specialists – we can utilise over 25 years experience looking after the country’s biggest brand-owned retail networks including McDonald’s, GM Holden and Woolworths Petrol. So get in touch with us today and get in touch with your customers tomorrow.

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