Store Analytics

We uncover shopper insight using sensors, sophisticated software and smart data analysis to develop strategic action plans.


• Project scoping to understand your business challenges

• Planning to make complex projects simple

• Customer Journey mapping for optimal technology positioning

• Key metrics that are customised for your store network

• Management dashboards that drive continuous improvement


We discover insights, leveraging new world tools and processes that provide the clarity to guide communication strategy.


• Briefing sessions to clarify challenges, objectives and deliverables

• Online research communities to recruit and engage consumers

• Shopper research and brand tracking studies are our specialty

• Full line of qualitative and quantitative tools like Smart Phone Apps, Word Clouds and Polls across mobile, tablet and desktop


We develop winning moves so you can stay ahead of the pack.


• Reviewing your retail network to help you prepare for the future

• Choosing which areas to strategically focus resources

• Winning in-store technology and communication strategies

• Executing strategy with discipline and clear success metrics

Creative Ideation

We create big retail communications ideas, based on deep insight led strategy that drives your growth metrics.


• Insight led communication inspires our creative team to develop campaigns to drive your business growth

• Ideas and creative routes that bring your brand to life across your digital signage network

• With hundreds of campaigns worth of experience, our complete in-house digital studio can give you a competitive advantage