We are constantly inundated with posts informing us how the latest advancement in retail technology will deliver unprecedented value to businesses. We are promised that implementing ‘it’ is an absolute must and will result in a quick and easy ROI.While technology like the Internet, mobile phones, and loyalty cards have all had a significant effect on disrupting the retail industry and improving sales, none have been as effective as Digital Signage. Now, this is a very bold claim, but studies have found that people who encounter it will remember the specific ads they saw up to 89% of the time!Need more proof? Here are 4 reasons every retail store NEEDS Digital Signage.

1. Digital Signage Creates Customer Engagement

This sounds scary, but consumers now have an average attention span that’s shorter than a goldfish (8 seconds to be exact). Thus, achieving sales objectives now not only lies in a retailers’ ability to instantly deliver an engaging in-store customer experience but to do so in an environment that needs constant change simply to attract attention. And this is where digital signage is offering endless opportunities for retailers.

2. Digital Signage Delivers an Unprecedented ROI

Understandably, you may feel hesitant about the initial cost of implementing a digital screen, but compare the return on investment Digital Signage offers to that of ongoing printing costs.

1 in 5 people has made an unplanned purchase after seeing a product promoted digitally, while advertising on Digital Screens in-store leads to a 32.8% growth in repeat buyers.

These statistics justify Digital Signage being considered the most cost-effective form of advertising, with nearly 70% of businesses seeing a complete return on their investment within 18 months!

So not only are you saving money through reducing your ongoing printing costs but through engaging consumers in-store, digital screens are creating ROI never before seen in the retail industry.

3. Digital Signage Motivates Customers

It turns out our memories aren’t the only thing losing their influence. A recent study for Intel compared the effectiveness of both Digital and Print Signs to motivate customers at a shopping mall and the results were, in a word, unbelievable.Both the print and digital sign offered customers a free tote bag at a certain (but different) location. Over the course of the study, six people went to the desk advertised by the print sign, while over 600 people went to the one advertised by the digital sign.Now I’m no mathematician, but by my calculations, that’s over 100 TIMES more people being influenced by digital signage!

4. Control Digital Displays From One Central Location

Spending time coordinating your POS signage across a range of stores is incredibly time-consuming (trust me, I know). And that’s before ensuring all the materials are displayed correctly.

With a digital signage system, you can create, edit, remove and refresh your digital messaging from one central location in a matter of moments. This ensures far greater efficiency of your marketing efforts, while simultaneously ensuring all your POS signs are displaying the correct information at the correct time, in the correct location.

With its potential for significantly greater customer engagement, ROI and increased efficiency, it is safe to say that Digital Signage is here to stay. By installing the right screen with the right content and the right strategy, you will give your business the competitive advantage it needs to get ahead of your competitors.

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