4 Steps to Increase Revenue with Digital Signage

Digital signage is like a souped up car; it is beautiful to look at and delivers stellar performance. However, even the most aesthetically appealing cars fitted with the best engines are useless if it’s missing the fuel, oil and other essential components for them to run. Digital signage is the same way; it may be nice to look at on the outside, but if it lacks informative and promotional content, then it’s nothing more than decoration. If you want your digital signage displays to deliver increased ROI, then it is up to you to provide rich content that your consumers will actually pay attention to.

1) Tell Your Story

Every company has a tale to tell. Incorporate multiple media to relay the company history to your customers. Don’t just use plain text; if you were going to do that, they might just as well stick to traditional banners and posters. Use a combination of audio, video and slides to tell your story. To really get customers to pay attention, consider some of the following ways of storytelling:
  • Humorous video skit. You can hire professional actors or use in-house staff members.
  • Cartoon animation, can be either 2D or 3D
  • Whiteboard animation
First-time customers are more likely to give your company the time of day if they know its backstory. Your company story is especially worth telling if it came from humble beginnings because everyone loves a rags-to-riches story.

2) Promote Your Product

Just like telling your company story, promoting your product should be done the same way by utilizing multiple media to promote your products from multiple angles. If you own a shoe store and are promoting the latest athletic footwear, for instance, then consider using a split screen where one screen shows the close up of the shoe as it slowly rotates, while the other screen shows the shoes being worn and the wearer going out for a jog in them. The video is then accompanied by a narrator that explains the benefit of the shoes, which may include impact absorption, memory gel insoles and so forth. The signage promoting the product should be positioned in the section or aisle where the product is shelved.

3) Use a Strong Call to Action

No product promotion is complete without a call to action in the end. The call to action should be persuasive and witty. It should appear at the end of the ad both in bolded text along with audio. Using the same footwear example, consider the following call to action slogans a shoe store may use:
  • Pick up your pair today; your feet will thank you for it.
  • Pick up a pair today, and your feet will be walking on air tomorrow.
  • Pick up a pair right away and catapult your athletic performance to the next level.

4) Use Metrics and Analytics

It is very important that you use some sort of metrics tool to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. Some ads draw customer attention better than others, and you want to use the ones that work as a model for future ads. Some displays with interactive features can record the total number of interactions and give you valuable data for comparison purposes. Do not forgo analytics because without it, you’re basically throwing darts at a target without a bull’s eye.Without rich content, digital displays have no magic. To make your digital signage work for you, you have to really understand who your consumers are and how they respond to ads presented through a variety of media. With carefully targeted ads, digital displays can elevate your brand and image to new heights.
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