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4 Ways Digital Signage Advertising can Revolutionize Your Business

Digital signage is fast becoming the norm and is popping up in just about every industry from retail to health services. This is a marketing trend that has become so effective that it has become more of a question of whether companies can afford not to use digital signage. With the versatility of digital displays, companies can opt for a straightforward marketing approach much the same way as using traditional advertising; they may also elect to create an interactive approach that immerses the consumer in a hands-on experience.

The following 4 methods are creative ways in which other businesses have made maximum use of their digital displays and provide inspiration on how small and local companies can do the same.

1. Digital Signage Advertising Establishes Customer Trust

Most health sectors, such as dentists, optometrists and chiropractor clinics are beginning to integrate digital signage into their facility. Displays are commonly used in the waiting area where patients awaiting their checkup can look up useful information. A dental clinic, for example, may provide the following content for their displays:

  • A child-friendly animation of how a wisdom tooth is removed
  • A list with a voiceover of how to care for your oral hygiene at home
  • A 3D motion representation of how plaque enters the deep recesses of the teeth and gum line
  • A list outlining the types of insurance and dental plans the clinic accepts
  • A reminder that the clinic accepts appointments by phone and online

By building engaging content in this manner, clinics establish trust among their patients, which leads to increased retention and consumer loyalty.

2. Sell to Visitors with Your Content

A hospital, for example, can use digital signage to help promote a charity sporting event to raise funds for medical research. The display can include basic information like the date, time, and place, as well as useful features like Google Maps to show the specific location. The display can also incorporate interactive and touchscreen features to allow people to sign up on the spot or scan a QR code to have the details downloaded to their mobile device.

3. Promote Limited Time Offers and Featured Items

To remain competitive, businesses have to continuously release new products, deals, and limited-time items in order to keep customers returning. With digital signage advertising, companies can create targeted ads that rotate out at regular intervals. A restaurant, for example, can use its digital displays to showcase featured breakfast items in the morning and switch them out with lunch menu items in the noon. Since the whole system is automated, there is no need to have an employee repeatedly take down signs and plaster new ones.

4. Showcase Your Portfolio

For companies like photography studios, they need to have an existing portfolio to show to potential customers to highlight their experience. A company can place a digital display in front of their front desk that shows a slide of images of past customers who had their photos taken with the company. This can include a myriad of photos that cover a range of special occasions, such as weddings, proms, and family portraits. This can also include photos that have been heavily edited. A display can show images of:

  • The quality contrast of photos before and after editing
  • Photos shown with a black and white backdrop
  • Photos with captions or background images added for humorous effect

By showing off some of your past work, customers will see that your company has the equipment and expertise to create quality photos that simply can’t be replicated with a camera phone.

Digital signage advertising has provided countless companies with a means to promote their brand and show why their products and services are better than the competitors. This gives even small and local companies a legitimate chance of competing with large enterprises and keeping their name and logo relevant.

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