5 Things Casinos Can Teach You About Digital Signage

The gambling industry of all places knows a thing or two about marketing and promotion. Just step inside a casino, and all the flashy bright lights and neon signs that befall on your eyes aren’t just for decoration. All that bling is strategically placed and oriented in a way that seduces customer attention. Like any other industry, casinos are out to make money, and all the digital signage and interactive displays are meant to get patrons to take a specific action, namely an action that gets them to spend money, whether it be getting them to try their luck at the Black Jack table or persuading them to take a break at the bar for a sip of cocktail.Casinos definitely know how to utilize their digital signage displays to the max, and other industries can adopt some of their promotional practices to benefit their own businesses.

1) Placement is Everything

Casinos have one goal: to keep patrons on the premise for as long as possible; the longer they stay the more likely they are to shell out their cash or break out their credit card. For this reason, casinos utilize digital signage with detailed maps and searchable indexes to ensure patrons easily locate everything from the nearest ATM to the guest service kiosk. Signage displays that map out the layout should be placed in areas where customers tend to congregate by the numbers, such as the front entrance, lobby or exit areas.

2) Digital Displays Cut on Overhead Operational Costs

Casinos were one of the first industries to jump on the digital signage bandwagon. The move was a natural one for the industry because their venues are frequently updated with new events and specials, such as live performances, lunch buffet deals and the addition of new game tables. The cost of having to frequently swap out paper banners and posters meant spending a small fortune on this facet of business alone. With the adoption of digital signage, updates are instant and automatic.

3) Utilize Videos Feeds

Customers will be more enticed by a video of a juicy charbroiled steak sizzling over a fire grill than a static image of a steak with a brief text description. Timing is also everything when it comes to video ads. Some casinos, for instance, may feature an ad for the facility’s bar at the wee hours of midnight and early morning, encouraging gamblers pulling an all-nighter to grab a martini while they take a break from their gambling marathon.

4) Employ Morning/Afternoon/Evening  Messages

This relates back to the example above. Most casinos and adjacent hotels have events and specials during specific hours of the day. A facility may highlight its breakfast or brunch buffet in the morning, a yoga and massage class in the afternoon, and its dinner and musical performance show in the evening. By tailoring your message according to the time of day, you give your consumers relevant ads and thus boost the response rate.

5) Employ Interactive Kiosks

There is simply no replacement for a live staff member manning the guest service station. However, an interactive digital kiosk makes for a great supplement for those who do not wish to stand in line or when staffers are stretched thin during peak hours. Furthermore, kiosks can also provide secondary functions, such as dispense show tickets or enable customers to make dinner reservations.One of the reasons casinos tend to be so successful is because they cut no corners when it comes to their ad and promotional presentations. Businesses of all stripes can model their own marketing endeavors after casinos to replicate a similar degree of success.
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