Automatic Door People Counter

Make your business data more reliable with an automatic people counter

You can make better business decisions when you know exactly where you stand, and no business data is more useful than knowing how many people are being attracted through your doors each day.

This data is even more important than knowing your sales volume because you won’t be making sales if people are not coming in. When you have access to good analytic data, you have the information you need to help you make decisions about what changes are necessary to bring in more people.

Achieving more success in getting people into the store will usually convert to more success in making sales. When it doesn’t, even this information is useful, because it can tell you that something is wrong with the sales tactics in place. That is something you would never know if you did not also know the ratio of people entering compared with the number making purchases.
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Don’t stop at just a door people counter

This is a mistake we see happening over and over again. Unless you have a really tiny retail space, just knowing the numbers coming through the door is not giving you the full picture. Installing more counters at strategic locations around the store will give you a better indication of which areas of the store could be improved, or which products are not really attracting buyers.

Sometimes all it takes to boost sales across the whole store is just to move some of the more popular products close to less popular products, which will often result in more purchases being made.

Analytic data can help you with these kinds of decisions because it shows you exactly what is happening.

Powerful benefits for minimal outlay

These are really the two most important things about using automatic door counters to measure your foot traffic analytic data. The data can, as previously described, give you direct measurable benefit by helping you identify the things you can improve. It is also a very low cost technology that won’t break your budget.

Certainly you will find it affordable if you buy your automatic people counters from Retail Motion because we are determined to provide the best value for our clients in everything we offer.

Taking it to the next level

It’s one thing to have the information, but quite another to understand how to make the best use of the information. That’s another thing we can help with. We can work with you to interpret the results and apply them in a practical way. We can show you how to do this, or process the information for you on a contractor basis.

To find out more about this and the many analytical services available through Retail Motion, call us on the number shown on this page or user our contact form to get in touch. If you have the questions, we have the answers, and no problem is too big or too small for us.
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