Best Digital Signage Strategies for Shopping Malls

Even with online shopping on the rise, shopping malls are still a favored hangout spot for demographic groups of all ages. There is just something about the atmosphere of a mall that never completely becomes outdated. This is definitely good news from a retailer’s perspective as it means ongoing opportunities to draw in more customers. Of course, with dozens of other shops, some in an identical niche as yours, it can be a real challenge to make your shop stand out. This is where digital signage displays provide an outlet for business owners to stand out and not look like just another shop.

How to Make Your Mall Signage an Attention-Grabber

Digital displays with their backlit screens and HD images, naturally attract more attention than a paper banner or poster. However, some competing shops will likely have an electronic display of their own, which means that your display will need to have some kind of element that really grabs the shoppers’ attention the minute they lay eyes on it. Consider the following ways in which you can make your mall signage more appealing to the public:

  • Make it Interactive – Instead of just highlighting a product, make it interactive. One way to do this is by making the monitor touchscreen where users can navigate the menu system to learn more about the promoted product.
  • Reward the Customer – Give the customer a reward for paying attention to the ad. At the end of a promotional video, consider showing a QR code that shoppers can scan with their mobile device to access additional information or show a discount code redeemable at the shop’s online store.
  • Show Related Videos – Instead of a bland product promo, the display can show a video that would actually get shoppers to stop in their tracks and actually watch the content. A department store, for example, can show footage from the latest fashion show of models gracing the catwalk and wearing apparel that are now available in the store.

Digital Signage Placement is Everything

Location is extremely important and matters a great deal whether the displays are situated within the store or right outside. Consider the following locations for both interior and exterior placement:

Inside the Store

For in-store signage placement, displays should be placed next to the product it is promoting. It can also be positioned against the window facing outwards where the contents can be viewed by those passing by. In fact, instead of a single monitor, you can even use one large monitor or multiple smaller ones that encompass the entire wall; this gives the viewer a sense that the display itself is the wall, which really gives off a high-tech vibe.

Outside the Store

Most stores inside malls also place the displays outside their shop. The following locations are good strategic points for placement:

  • Right outside the store entrance
  • On the outer ledge of rails of upper floors where they can be seen overhead by those from the floor below.
  • Near the food court
  • Near resting areas; this includes areas where there are benches or decorations where shoppers may stop to pose for a picture.
  • Next to kiosks; most malls have kiosks where shoppers can look up a digital layout of the mall. The kiosk itself can display your ad when not in use.

Stores within malls are hardly ever short of prospective customers. The challenge is getting those shoppers to step inside your store. Digital signage displays are a way to make your business noticeable to shoppers who would otherwise pass by your shop without even a moment’s glance; however, a great deal of strategy also needs to be in place with emphasis on placement and interactive content.

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