The Best Locations for Digital Signage Displays

Advertising is all about communication and getting your message across to the public mass. This means that location is everything especially when it comes to digital signage systems. Digital signage displays have been proven time and again to yield better sales output than traditional paper signs and posters. Positive results, however, are only achievable if retailers implement a smart strategy that takes the location into deep consideration. Ultimately, trial and error will determine the locations that work best for your specific business and industry. The following suggestions are good starting places.

Digital Signage Display for Events

Events like tradeshows, fairs, seminars, and conferences are excellent places for showcasing your products through digital signage displays. Digital advertising will especially give your brand the extra boost if other businesses are present and are vying for the same consumer attention. It will grab the customers’ attention in ways that are not possible through traditional signs and banners.

Waiting Areas

The lobby or waiting area is where people congregate by the numbers while waiting to be served. People waiting for any length of time are going to look to entertain themselves either by chatting among themselves or find stimulation through their mobile devices. Why not give them something to look at that is stimulating, refreshing, and informative? People waiting in line usually have nothing else better to do and will be more likely to pay attention to content presented on a digital display.

City Centres, Malls and Shopping Plazas

Congregation areas also include plaza centres, which are hustling and bustling with shoppers especially in the evening and weekends. Stores and shops located within plazas and city centers can prop their digital displays right outside their entrance where it is visible to those entering or passing by. Additional areas of consideration include subways, bus stops or universities, and airports.

Store Interiors

Some stores place their displays near the checkout line or exit. This is a poor strategy as patrons heading for these areas have already completed their shopping and will be less inclined to pay attention to product promotions. Signage systems are more effective when placed in an aisle and particularly next to the item specifically being promoted. Also, if there is a new product launch that you want to give special attention to, give the item its own section, perhaps by stacking the item in a pyramid formation with the signage right next to it advertising the product.

When it comes to signage displays within, you should also consider placing the monitor displays in the window front where they can be seen by passers-by. It’s the same way department stores display mannequins or the way pet shops place a puppy kennel right next to the window.

Electronic Display Within Other Stores

You can even have your ad displayed in the digital signage of non-competing businesses. This can usually be done for a fee or as part of a deal where they display your ad and you display theirs. If, for example, you run an ice cream parlor within a plaza where a cluster of eateries is present, then speak with the owners of those establishments to see if they would agree to an ad swap. This way, patrons who dine at those places will see your ad and think of stopping by your business for dessert.

Digital displays represent the next generation of advertising. However, maximum impact is only possible if retailers give special attention to their placement. Location consideration is an integral part of the marketing strategy that can directly determine the effectiveness of any digital promotional campaign.

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