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How to Craft a Strong Call to Action for Your Digital Signage ContentDigital signage provides an entirely new way of marketing. Nevertheless, there are still some basic practices that remain unchanged. Just as with traditional advertising, digital signage content also needs to include a call to action that compels consumers to respond in a favorable way. Even with flashy images, motion graphics and interactive content, all of it will mostly be wasted if it isn’t accompanied by a message urging customers to act.

What to Include in a Call to Action

The call to action should encourage the consumer to act immediately. This is where digital signage content has an advantage over traditional flyers. The latter may include a message encouraging people to visit a store, call a number or visit a URL. However, these are actions that consumers may not feel compelled to do right away.With digital signage, on the other hand, consumer action can be taken immediately. This is thanks to the display’s interactive features. Customers can take immediate action by texting a code, scanning a QR code, or simply tap their phone to a tag and instantly have extra content downloaded to their device.

Reward the Customer for Responding

It’s no secret that freebies are the key to accruing customer turnout and retention. People like free stuff, and if you consistently reward them with generous offers, then they will respond.Consider some of the following messages along with its corresponding offers:
  • Text the number below to receive an exclusive one-day only discount– It only takes customers a few seconds to enter a text code, and since the offer is only good for that day, they will far more likely act on it.
  • Grab your copy today to take advantage of the limited-time discount– This is a good message if you are promoting a specific product, and the signage display is right next to that item.
  • Enjoy this interactive experience to receive your free gift– If your digital display has some kind of interactive game, then encourage customers to play, and promise them a reward if they successfully complete it. The reward can be a code redeemable for a free item at your store.
What these messages all have in common is that they encourage immediate action and make it clear what the rewards are for responding. Messages like these work because people like immediate gratification.

Promote Your Website and Social Media Channels

Digital signage content can also include a call to action that encourages consumers to visit your website or social network channels. Again, also try to include some type of reward, such as the following:
  • Like us on Facebook and get free shipping on your next online purchase.
  • Visit our website within the next X minutes (include a countdown timer) to take advantage of our clearance inventory.
This will help grow your online presence, which in turn generates a discussion that leads to greater brand awareness.

Digital Signage Content Should Express Urgency

Digital signage content should include a call to action at the end of the message that urges consumers to act now. Try to begin the message with a verb, such as the following examples:
  • Call today
  • Buy/grab your copy today
  • Subscribe to our newsletter for tons of free material and content
  • Become a member today to gain exclusive VIP access
The purpose of any promotional message is to get your customers to take the desired action. Every call to action should make it clear how and why to act. Your digital signage content will be so much more effective if it compels your audience and motivates them to respond.
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