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Digital Marketing Automation

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Digital Marketing Automation

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“There’s a lot of automation that can happen that isn’t a replacement of humans but of mind-numbing behaviour”
– Stewart Butterfield

When it comes to doing business, make your life easier with marketing automation software. Not only does it increase your efficiency, but it can also provide a more personalised experience for your customers. Work with RetailMotion to understand how you can use marketing automation to grow your business and maximise results.

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What is it?

That list of mundane, repetitive tasks we all have, marketing automation takes care of so that you can focus on the more meaningful to-dos. It is essentially a combination of software and strategy. It allows you to manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across your various channels, automatically. You can target customers with automated messages across the web, email, social media, and more, making it easier for you to nurture leads and produce paying customers.

How does it work?

Marketing automation allows you to set up tasks, according to sets of instructions called workflows. When a particular response is triggered, your marketing automation software knows to complete an action based on the instructions you have set. For example, when a customer signs up to your email newsletter, they are automatically sent a welcome email showing them exclusive offers and the latest products your business has to offer.

A polygon style illustration displaying an envelope on the left side and an open laptop on the right with a visual representation of people radiating from it, as if to allude to management of a database of contacts.
A polygon style illustration displaying a smiling man in the centre being lifted off the ground by ten balloons, in the background there are four individuals climbing their own ladder. Indicating the smiling man with the balloons has a competitive advantage.

The unfair advantage your business needs

Marketing automation does so much more for your business than just saving time, money, and resources. It provides a streamlined approach, simplifying the most repetitive and time-consuming responsibilities of the marketing and sales process. Keep your customers engaged with highly targeted and specific content to narrow audiences, improving customer relationships. It allows you to collect valuable insights on prospects at scale and put these findings into work, increasing your qualified leads and customers. RetailMotion helps you utilise the capabilities of marketing automation software to increase your return on investment and overall business growth.

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