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One of the greatest challenges facing businesses in the modern economy is creating a strong online presence and ensuring that customers’ online experiences are always consistent with what they experience in-store.

Regardless of the industry you’re in, this brand consistency is at the heart of effective marketing, but for businesses in the food and drink industry, it’s absolutely essential.

Before eating anywhere, more and more people are choosing to take a brief look at the establishment’s website in order to browse its menu and try to gain a general idea of what sort of food it serves, what its values are, and whether or not it’s the kind of place they’d enjoy eating.

It is of course important that the online experience convinces your target audience that they should eat at your establishment, but it’s equally important to ensure that the experience they have once they arrive at your brick and mortar premises is consistent with what they’ve seen online and meets their expectations.

Everything from the general branding and style to the details and intricacies of the menu should be consistent at all times if you want to ensure that your message is conveyed with coherency and professionalism, and your customers have the experience they came for.
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The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

One of the best things a company in this industry can do in order to bring the online and offline experiences closer together is to invest in high quality digital menu boards.

A digital menu board has many benefits over a traditional menu board. Naturally, one of the most obvious benefits is that it can be frequently updated to include any amendments you’ve made to the menu, and it can be changed when necessary to ensure that the marketing and branding on the menu board is consistent with changes you’ve made to your website and/or other marketing materials.

These changes can be made as often or as little as possible and can be easily and immediately rolled out to multiple stores across vast areas at the touch of a button to generate incremental sales.

Furthermore, the quality of the graphic designs, marketing materials and advertisements – all of which can come in the form of video rather than just still-image if you so desire – is greatly superior to traditional static menu boards.

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