Digital Signage & Data Visualisation

A Match Made In HeavenData is extremely important in any business environment. By data, this means the numbers and statistics as it refers to revenue, customer retention, signups, and so on. Of course, data can be represented in a number of ways, and it’s important that the results are represented in a way that is easily readable and digestible. This includes using as much visuals as possible to make the data easier to accurately interpret with a quick glance. This is where digital signage shines as it provides a medium for data visualization using HD quality and interactive displays.

The Rising Popularity of Data Visualization in the Business World

Most people by nature are visual learners, meaning that they can learn just as much if not more from a photo as from written text. When it comes to data visualization, all the vital analytics and statistics can quickly be summed up using a brightly and multi-hued pie, bar or line chart. This presents a single visual representation that provides a business performance summary that every staffer can make sense of. Sure, the same info can also be entirely summarized through words, but that requires unnecessary reading, which most people find tedious.

Creating Visual Data Charts

Visual data is easier to create than most people realize. Most digital signage services provide software programs with pre-made templates that allow users to create their own charts complete with a legend, scale and side notes. This simplifies the process for staffers tasked with organizing and submitting performance reports, and it does not require knowledge of HTML or other complex programming skills.The fact that the data is presented via digital signage also helps to streamline the process. This means that all visuals can be shown in a slide presentation format along with other graphs or short written summaries containing bullets that outline key points.

For the Customer

Data visualization is also beneficial for providing informative content for consumers. Data presented in a visual format provides quick at-a-glance and industry related facts that customers may find interesting.Include statistical facts that remind customers why your service or product benefits them. A dental clinic, for example, can use charts to show the percentage of children who have some form of untreated dental problem. A bar graph can be used to show the breakdown of different dental diseases and their prevalence. The graph can compare the prevalence of such disease for children who regularly see a dentist compared to those who don’t.A visual data such as the one described above is effective because it uses a combination of pics and numbers to show exactly why it is important for parents to have their children seen by a dentist and the consequences of neglecting oral hygiene.

Data Visualization Suitable for Every Industry

Aside from retail centers and service providers, other locations like airports, subways and universities are also incorporating digital signage with data visualization as part of their regular content. The Yale School of Management is a prime example of an institution that utilizes data visualization to perfection. At one of its facilities, the school incorporated digital signage at each floor of its three-story building with information about class schedules, upcoming conference meetings and any other data relevant to students.
Yale School of Management – Digital Signage and Data Visualization from Unified Field on Vimeo.Aside from relaying data, the very presence of the digital signage also gave the facility interior and exquisite and high-tech ambiance, which was nothing less than awe-inspiring for visitors and prospect future students.Data visualization is not a new concept, though, with the advent of digital signage, companies have a whole new way of presenting the information to their staffers and consumers.
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