Digital Signage For Hospitality

Why Digital Signage Fits Right in Place with the Hospitality Industry

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance in any industry but especially so in the hospitality sector. In order to keep their facilities up to date and provide a positive guest experience, more hotels are beginning to implement electronic display boards in their lobbies and other areas where their guests tend to congregate. There are so many creative ways in which hotels can utilize signage displays to promote their brand while keeping their patrons up to date with upcoming events in the facility.

Electronic Display Boards Showcase the Latest Local News

The majority of your guests are obviously tourists, many of whom may not be familiar with the area. Use your electronic display boards to show the dates regarding local events and attractions. You can also show the weather forecast and recommend alternatives. If a local attraction has been cancelled due to weather, for example, then recommend an activity offered by the facility. Furthermore, the display can also be interactive and allow guests to look up schedules, travel routes and bus fare information.

Promote the Latest Restaurant and Bar Deals

Most restaurants have their own bar and buffet. Digital signage displays can be used to notify guests of the latest deals, such as happy hour or let them know that for one night only, they can get two drinks for the price of one. Likewise, hotels can also promote the offers of nearby restaurants that it has a working partnership with.

To make the displays even more interactive, they can even contain digital menu boards that guests can navigate using the monitor’s touchscreen features. This way, they’ll know exactly what the restaurant offers and can make up their mind whether it’s a place they want to dine at.

Promote Events Held by Guests

If your hotel is being used as a venue for a wedding party, then promote the event with your electronic display boards. The display can point the direction of the party or show messages congratulating the bride and groom.

Signage systems can also be used to help corporate guests. Those renting a meeting room in the hotel can elect to show messages notifying other arriving members where the room is. Hotels can provide these messages on their display monitors as a courtesy service, as part of the package, or as a separate paid service.

Create a Digital Guest Service Station

A lot of the enquiries people ask for at guest services can be answered on display monitors. Signage systems can act as an interactive kiosk that guests can use to locate rooms, restrooms, gyms or receive answers to commonly asked questions. They can also be used to announce found items left behind by guests and include instructions on how to claim them. This frees up guest services and staffers so that they can do their job without being bombarded by endless guest enquiries.

Announce Scam Alerts

The hospitality industry is plagued by scams. Common scams include unlicensed taxi drivers, fake hotel representatives and many others that guests need to be made aware of. Warnings can be displayed on the electronic display boards and describe what guests should look out for and who to notify if they suspect a scam has taken place. It can also include physical descriptions or even a photo of persons of interest.

Tourists and travelers make up the bulk of the target audience for the hospitality industry. By keeping them in the loop with the latest news and promotional offers through your digital signage displays, you help promote the efficiency of your business while delivering the optimal experience for your guests.

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