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Digital Menu Boards

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Digital Menu Boards

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Gain Competitive Advantage When You Buy a Digital Menu Board

In an increasingly competitive world, businesses need to do all they can to gain and keep customers. In the catering business, that means not only providing good food and excellent service but also letting people know what you have to offer and presenting it in the best possible manner.

Your customers are generally familiar with technology and will scan websites to find what they want. Carrying that same information through to the restaurant, café, or bar by displaying digital menu boards continues the experience and is a proven way of making your business better.

The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants and Other Catering Establishments

Menu boards come in various shapes and sizes, utilise different technologies and can be updated in a variety of ways. These are:

  • by USB connection for individual boards
  • over a local area network for all boards connected to the network
  • from the internet to update at various remote locations.

This enables you to update the content of any menu board from any allowed device by the selected connection method. The result is a tremendous amount of flexibility because you can easily change the content at any time from anywhere.

Menus are traditionally presented in a printed form so that customers can browse and make a selection. However, when menus change, this requires them to be reprinted and the old ones replaced with new versions, a time-consuming process that discourages regular changes.

With our custom menu boards, you can easily and quickly change menus and so can react to customer demand or be proactive in offering new dishes. Menus can also be changed automatically at scheduled times, switching instantly between lunchtime and dinner menus or putting on different menus on set days of the week — Fish Friday or Curry Tuesday, for example.

It’s also easy to correct errors, remove unavailable items and introduce special menus, such as at Christmas or other festive occasions. Simply change or create menus using the tools we provide, then publish them to all or selected menu boards. The simplicity and flexibility of the system mean you can have different menus running in various locations and update them at will.

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Financial Returns and Happier Customers

Depending on your business and how you use your menu boards, the initial cost will be recovered in no more than nine to eighteen months. This is achieved through:

  • reduced printing and staff costs to produce and distribute new menus
  • increased sales (average 3-5%) and margins (2.5-3%) that result from customers making different and unplanned purchases due to influence from the menus.

In addition to the measurable financial benefits, there’s an increase in brand perception due to customers remembering more products that are presented better with still or moving images. You can also learn what customers are looking at and ordering, allowing you to take advantage of future offerings.

Information that is presented better and in a more eye-catching way will interest customers, make them want to learn more, and buy something that they might not otherwise have noticed on a conventional menu. We can provide the full package of hardware, software, installation, training, and on-going support so you get exactly the system you need. Our digital menu board design service ensures that the content presents your business at its best and keeps customers informed and happy — and above all buying the products they see on your digital menu boards.

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