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Digital Signage Brisbane

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Digital Signage from Brisbane — a Product for All Businesses

Digital signage is a product of the modern age and is attuned to current demands and expectations. It’s a business that’s growing fast and is expected to be worth around US$ 20 billion by 2020.

The reasons for the growth are quite simple — digital signs are extremely effective in what they do. They’re flexible in use, get the required message across far better than traditional methods, help increase revenue and cut costs, boost overall efficiency, and improve relations with customers, employees, and other interested parties. And they have so many uses, not all of them obvious.

All Sectors, Types and Sizes of Business

The very flexibility and usefulness of digital signage displays, both in Melbourne and elsewhere, means they’re used in all sectors, in organisations large and small. They’re available as different sizes and types, from small individual screens to linked displays and video walls so can be used for all sorts of purposes.

  1. Retail organisations use them to promote products, publicise sales initiatives, provide product look-up and ordering, guide customers through stores and to gather retail analytics. They provide a continuity and level of detail that people are used to seeing on websites, creating a seamless approach and reinforcement of the customer brand.

    The digital signboards we install in Brisbane are proven to increase sales, improve margins, reduce costs and develop customer loyalty. They are much more likely to attract attention than traditional static displays and have a significantly higher retention rate.

  2. Hospitals and similar organisations use digital signage to manage queues and provide patient information. Figures show that people who are kept informed of wait times and their position in a queue are less likely to complain and will generally believe they’re dealt with quicker.
  3. Hotels provide useful guest information that includes details of services available and how to access them, local attractions, transport and timetables, and to promote special incentives and forthcoming events. The availability helps to build brand loyalty and increases revenue overall.
  4. All types of businesses use digital sign boards to communicate with their employees. Many organisations, typically hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants and service providers, operate 24 hours a day through shift systems and this can lead to communication difficulties.

Employees who work unsociable hours rarely see the management of their companies and may feel alienated as a result. This may cause a feeling of being overlooked, leading to a lack of job satisfaction and a high turnover of staff. Digital signage can help alleviate such problems by providing shift changeover information and publicising company initiatives and policies, improving employee communications and engagement.

Digital boards can also provide real-time sales and performance information for sales teams. Combined with the setting of targets, these provide an incentive to do well and drive improvements.

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A System that Matches Your Needs

There are so many ways that digital signage can help organisations of all types and sizes. But to achieve the maximum effect, you need to choose the best digital signage in Brisbane from a company that can truly ensure you achieve your aims.

At RetailMotion, we specialise in providing complete digital signage solutions throughout Brisbane and surrounding areas. Whether you require a single screen in one location or several linked screens across multiple sites, we can handle it. We’ll advise what you need, help you choose what’s best for you, provide full training and guide you through installation and on-going use. Rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to make your project an outstanding success.

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