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Digital Signage Melbourne

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Digital Signage in Melbourne that Does What it Should

Digital signage provides numerous proven benefits that include increased revenue and margins, reduced costs, improved marketing and better communications with customers and staff. But these will only be achieved if you plan properly, choose wisely, and implement carefully.

At RetailMotion, we’ll guide you through the process, ensure you make the right choices, and do everything properly. Together, we’ll create a system that works effectively and achieves your aims and more.

Steps to Create the Best Digital Signage System in Melbourne

As with everything worth doing, planning is essential. Before you do anything else, set out your goals and decide what screens are to do, whether to inform and guide customers, communicate with employees or any other purpose. That will help you determine the number and type of screens, their size and whether they need audio as well as visual content.

The number and types of screens you have may also influence how you manage their content. A single screen that’s changed rarely can be updated by attaching a device to a USB connector. Several screens at one location, however, may require connection to your local area network while screens at multiple sites are easily updated by remote devices over an internet connection.

To be able to decide all this, you need to set a realistic budget and be aware of the needs and expectations of your likely audience. These allow you to set out your aims properly, which will then dictate what equipment you need. They also help you decide on the appropriate content to present to your audience and this will be crucial to the success of your system.

One of the big advantages of digital signboards in Melbourne or elsewhere is that you can show almost anything — text in various fonts with different colours and backgrounds, still images and videos, rolling feeds, audio and audience interaction. However, be careful not to overdo things because you can end up with a confusing mess.

Although you want your display to be eye-catching, with colour, movement and striking images, don’t confuse your audience with too much content. Many people have only a short attention span so keep your message short and to the point, and presented logically; otherwise, you may lose your audience, especially if they’re only passing through.

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Help Throughout the Whole Process

All this may seem complicated but anything that’s worth doing requires some effort. We have been providing digital signage systems in Melbourne and other areas for many years so we have the knowledge and experience to ensure everything goes smoothly.

We will help you every step of the way, from deciding what you want to do and the best way to do it, right through to delivering a successful solution. We can provide guidance in selecting the appropriate system — the right mix of screens with the best content and the best way of keeping things up-to-date and relevant. We’ll provide all the necessary training, organise the installation and give all the required support as long as you want it.

Our aim is the same for all our customers — to deliver digital signage displays in Melbourne that help your business grow and prosper. Our track record shows we’re successful in doing that so you can be sure you’ll get the best possible service.

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