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A polygon style illustration displaying a male with a hard hat on, pushing a trolly with three boxes stacked on it representing the RetailMotion digital signage sub-service of equipment procurement.
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Digital Signage Equipment Procurement

“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort”
– John Ruskin

When you are rolling out your digital display solution, particularly across multiple sites, you want peace of mind that all of the hardware and equipment will be delivered on time and work seamlessly to create an unforgettable in-store customer experience. Empower us to work on your behalf to secure your digital signage equipment, leveraging our trusted relationships with leading vendors.

A polygon style illustration displaying a male with a hard hat on, pushing a trolly with three boxes stacked on it representing the RetailMotion digital signage sub-service of equipment procurement.

We’re the equipment experts

Equipment procurement is an essential component of our process because it affects the cost, timing and quality of your final digital screen solution. For 13 years, we have been sourcing, negotiating and purchasing all the equipment required to establish your digital signage display so you can remain focused on delivering value to your customers. Trusting us to acquire your digital signage hardware and equipment saves you time and money as we have connections to technology deals that you may not be able to access. And we will provide all the manufacturer’s warranty support so that you have a single point of contact. We are the experts that bring your blueprint to life with a range of options for any digital signage Australia wide.

Equipment that works

At RetailMotion, we value top quality, reliable digital signage displays because they are an investment for your business. We test the technology we procure uncovering any bugs and resolving them so that your system works for you without trouble. We design or source digital signage solutions that match your business needs, allowing you to communicate effectively with your customers, build brand strength, and grow your business.

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