The Full Power of NFC and BLE Technology in DOOH

Most people these days are familiar with those QR codes that seem to pop up everywhere.  These little matrix barcodes appear on storefront signs, business cards, product packaging, and just about anywhere where marketers find them useful. Now, with the advent of NFC-enabled phones, the job is made even more effortless for mobile users. One has to simply get within close proximity within a digital poster, banner, or any other device with an NFC-embedded chip to activate a specific function.

The potential for NFC phones are near endless. Some chips allow users to store their financial information, which enables them to treat their phone as a credit card. Think about no longer having to carry around a bulky wallet full of cash and cards; your phone basically acts as a digital wallet.

Bluetooth Low Energy in DOOH Application

Most industries are also implementing Bluetooth Low Energy in order to achieve new levels of customer communication and engagement previously not thought possible. BLE is an upgraded version of the classic Bluetooth and uses considerably less energy than its predecessor all while maintaining the same communication range and performance output.

One prime example of BLE technology is Apple’s iBeacon. With such a system in place, retailers can interact with shoppers in real-time. If you were to enter a shoe store, for example, you might get a message that comes with a coupon for the purchase of any pair of footwear. Likewise, if entering a dental clinic for your appointment, the iBeacon will automatically sign you up so that you can have a seat in the lounge without having to check-in.

Additional Uses for BLE and NFC in DOOH Technology

Normally, signage panels are used to display promotional content, product specs, and other juicy information that puts consumers in buying mode. However, businesses are taking digital signage use to a whole new level. To encourage direct customer interaction, some companies are implementing social networks; others are also including web-based content available for immediate purchase and download. Digital displays can be placed right outside the storefront, which enables consumers to make purchases or obtain additional information without having to actually step inside the store.

This can prove to be an invaluable resource especially for malls where shoppers have hundreds of stores to choose from and will be selective about which shops they choose to enter. Time is valuable, and DOOH advertising displays with NFC and BLE capabilities ensure that consumers get the best shopping experience by making the most of time-saving technology.

How NFC and BLE Stack and Compare to One Another

Both NFC and Bluetooth share near-identical features in terms of function and how they can be implemented to provide a better shopping and customer experience. BLE does cover a far greater distance and can interact with users up to 32 feet away. Compare this to NFC, which typically only has a range of four centimeters.

NFC is generally considered more beginner-friendly as it can be easily set up and be ready for use by the basic layman. The lack of required authentication when making file transfers makes the process more efficient and hassle-free though it does present a security concern.While most techies feel that BLE is several steps ahead of NFC due to the latter’s slower file transfer speeds and limited range, NFC is still highly favored for its ease of use. Bluetooth is generally recommended when transferring files from a PC to a mobile device. Also keep in mind that not all PCs have NFC though all of them are capable of being fitted with a Bluetooth dongle. Furthermore, every Apple Laptop comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 built in.

NFC and BLE are a Preview of Tomorrow’s Technology

NFC and BLE are already playing a tremendous role for location-based services around the world. With them, consumers can combine the best of both traditional and mobile shopping. The result is a user experience that is quickly taking the digital marketing industry by storm. It’s only a matter of time before the phenomena becomes commonplace both among local businesses and chain retailers. While NFC and BLE have their individual strengths, both work tremendous wonders and represent a way of marketing and promotion in the landscape of digital technology.
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