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How Digital Signs for Business Helps Local Companies Stay Competitive

Local companies, those small stores nudged in the corner of the street, are often thought of as mom-and-pop shops that have no chance of staying competitive against big chain retailers. While it is true that smaller businesses often lack the budget and resources, it is what they do with those resources they do have that make all the difference. More local companies are turning to digital signs for business to help promote their products and services. This enables them to stay afloat and even remain competitive against big box enterprises. A company’s success is ultimately dependent on whether they are able to use their digital signage to draw the interest of their target demographic.

How Digital Signs for Business Help Separate You from the Competition

Even a customer that walks in your store may only browse and not buy anything. The minute a patron steps inside your place of business, you have an opportunity to convert that person into a paying customer. Digital signs for business can help in this area by showing patrons the items and services you offer. This may include the introduction of a product that is available exclusively at your store or a deal that makes purchasing a particular item at your store more worthwhile.

Consider the following ways in which digital signage can be used.

Highlight a Specific Product

If you own a local pet supply shop, for instance, you can distinguish your store from the much larger competing franchise located down the block by highlighting what you offer that the competitor doesn’t. Perhaps you have your own brand of organic dog food made from a family recipe. You can use your digital display to promote this product by emphasizing the following:

  • The product is not available anywhere else
  • The product is made from all-natural ingredients
  • It contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives that may be harmful to your canine’s health
  • The product is approved by local veterinarians for promoting long-term pet health

The ad can consist of the store owner with his own pet sitting on his lap as he explains why the company believes firmly in feeding pets a natural diet. It can also emphasize the health benefits of each ingredient. The ad presented in a digital display makes the information a lot easier to absorb than if it were presented in a static poster or banner.

Offer a Special Deal or Incentive

Local businesses may also carry products that a competing franchise carries at a lower price. A digital display can be used to explain why buying at your store is the better option even if it may be slightly more expensive.

Consider using your ad in the following manner:

  • Advertise an incentive, such as a discount on the next purchase for customers who buy a particular item at your store
  • Provide digital coupons for purchases made that can be redeemed at your online store
  • Emphasize that by buying at your store, customers help local companies stay in business, which also helps keep jobs in the community

Once customers see the benefits of buying from your store, they are more likely to return for subsequent shopping. This creates consumer loyalty, which you can help retain by offering loyalty programs. Such programs can also be advertised on your digital displays.

As digital signs for business become more affordable, more local businesses are taking that next step to integrate digital signage into their marketing campaign. This gives small businesses a vital resource that enables them to stand on even footing with large franchises and enterprises.

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