How Digital Signage Can Help Your Business

Top Digital Signage Trends to Watch Out for

Digital signage is effective for business use due to its visual appeal. It’s definitely far more pleasing to the eyes than a traditional paper poster or banner. If the signage is interactive, then it will create even more attention and draw a crowd of curious customers. More companies are employing digital signage in their stores because it helps promote their brand, products, and services in an innovative way that truly represents the best and latest in digital advertising.

The Numbers Paint a Very Promising Picture for Digital Signage

Businesses from large mega-corporations to the local mom-and-pop shop are integrating digital signage into their marketing foray. In fact, an estimated 22 million digital signs are expected to be employed and in active use by the year 2015. Consumers are also becoming more immersed in digital ads, with the average customer being exposed to 14 minutes of digital media per week in 2013. That figure is expected to skyrocket to 56 minutes by 2017.

Australia Leads the Way in Digital Signage

Digital signage has become a hot commodity particularly for businesses in Australia, U.S, U.K, and Canada. It has especially made a consumer impact in Australia where 90% of the population lives in or near major cities and is exposed to more than an hour of digital media every week. The industry is growing by a staggering 21% year after year and has raked in $1.4 billion in revenue, a jump from $776.5 million just three years earlier.

The verdict is clear: digital media is becoming the new norm as it begins to overtake traditional print marketing. With its ability to show text and images in crystal clear quality and create an interactive experience for consumers,  digital signage is fast becoming the solution for companies looking to make their brand into a household name.

An Infographic detailing how digital signage helps your business
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