The Most “Out of the Box” Interactive Kiosk Projects

Interactive kiosks are fast becoming a marketing sensation and are being utilized by businesses of all stripes to make an impactful impression that leads to increased brand awareness and conversions. In its most basic form, kiosks provide an automated self-service station where customers can look up information regarding store layout or detailed descriptions of specific products. However, to really make the impression stick, some companies have really made full use of their kiosks by thinking well outside the box.

The following interactive kiosk examples highlight some truly creative marketing ploys that really take consumer engagement to the next level.

1. Cadbury’s Social Media Vending Machine

Cadbury is the renowned chocolate company best known for its chocolate Easter eggs. To further market its label, the company hosted a promo event by placing a modified vending machine outdoors. The machine carried its signature wrapped chocolate, and pedestrians could get a bar for free by logging onto their Facebook account from the machine.

Here is where the creative part kicks in. Once someone logs on, the machine will collect the user profile’s personal information and plug it into a formula to determine a flavor that is best suited for the particular individual. That flavor is the bar that the user would receive.

This marketing stint proved to be a win-win for both Cadbury and consumers. The latter got a free chocolate bar while the company gets hundreds to thousands of social media profiles they can add to their subscriber list.

2. Jack Daniels’ High-Life Kiosk

Jack Daniels is a global name when it comes to quality whisky. To make its name an even bigger presence among consumers, the company set up a kiosk booth at a music festival in Japan

With the lure of gorgeous female models dressed in western attire, attendees were drawn to a kiosk photo booth where they had a photo taken of themselves with the option of multiple backgrounds to select from. The photo is then uploaded and ready for sharing through the person’s social media account.

3. Nike Vending Machine

This is truly one of the top kiosk marketing examples. Nike really outdid itself with this ingenious idea. It placed a vending machine outdoors in the middle of a New York street that carried a variety of fitness gear and equipment. However, this is no ordinary vending machine; instead of accepting cash, it accepts sweat.

Nike Vending Machine

To promote its new fitness wristband monitor, users would engage in physical activity to work up a sweat. The monitor would record the user’s heart rate and calories burned. Once a certain threshold is reached and the numbers are logged and recorded, users can scan the wristband to the vending machine to redeem for a free item.

4. Coca-Cola Mini Kiosk

Some interactive kiosk examples stand out due to their miniature size. Such is the case of a campaign by Coca-Cola. To promote its 7.5-ounce mini can, a vending machine was placed in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

However, just like the mini can itself, the machine came in a petite stature, so small that pedestrians had to kneel down to insert the coin and grab the coin out of the slot. The presence of the miniature vending machine quickly grabbed the attention of pedestrians, who stopped in their tracks to shoot pictures and share the image with their friends.

5. Coca-Cola Fairplay Machine

Coca-Cola never seems to be short of awesome kiosk marketing examples.The stint was held in Milan, Italy, in the middle of soccer season.

At a live game, two Coca-Cola Machines were placed at the opposite ends of the stadium where fans of the respective teams would enter the arena. The machine contained a large button with the word “share” that would dispense a free can from the other machine when pressed. This meant that the fans couldn’t get a can for themselves but only for a fan of the rival team. Despite this, many people still pressed the button, which was a display of goodwill even though it meant doing something nice for a fan of the opposing team.

These kiosk marketing examples will hopefully inspire you to think outside the box when formulating your own campaign. With digital and kiosk marketing, there truly is no limit on how creative you can get.

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