Laser Sensor People Counters

Better business data means better business decisions

Retail Motion is a business that is all about data. Data is really important for all the planning and reporting you do in your business, and if you don’t have access to accurate data, the quality of your planning and reporting can suffer.

Every business can benefit by:

  • Collecting as much relevant data as possible
  • Ensuring the data collected is accurate and useful
  • Applying proper strategic analysis to the data collected

Foot traffic data is the most important metric for physical retail stores

Websites count the number of visitors landing on each page of the website, and sometimes also track the movement of visitors as they navigate around the site. This information helps the site owner make decisions about the future development of the site.

Physical retail store owners ought to be doing the same thing in their stores. The information collected is just as useful in a physical retail environment as it is for an online business.

This data is more important than any other. It’s even more important than sales data. That’s because it can help you understand where you could make improvements, and those improvements can lead to more sales.
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This data is collected using people counting devices

People counters are a simple technology that has been around for a long time. Over the years various improvements have become available to provide better accuracy in the results collected. As stated, the more accurate data is, the more useful it is.

The type of counting device you select will make a difference to the accuracy and also to the cost. It’s a good idea to choose the best device type that fits your budget, bearing in mind that using multiple counting devices in multiple areas is always better than using a single counter in a single area.

When maximum precision is required, a laser beam counter works best

The response time of laser is faster than any other technology, so you will get the most accurate count when using this type of counter. Laser is suitable for almost every situation except those where continuous operation on a 24/7 basis is required. That’s because even though the product uses low intensity laser that is not dangerous in normal operation, over time laser energy builds up and occasionally needs to be switched off to prevent overheating.

If a laser device is left running continually, not only does the laser charging device become hot, but also the intensity of the laser output increases over time. This does not, however, imply that laser devices are unsafe if operated appropriately. It is just something you need to be aware of in order to avoid problems with the device.

You can get your laser people counter right now from Retail Motion

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If you’re involved in retail business, you need to make people counting part of your business process. Retail Motion has all the information, products, and services you need to make this happen.
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