Meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars, was the jingle that summed up the love affair Australians had with the Holden brand for decades.  The automotive industry has undergone a massive transformation over the last decade and as a result, the brand has been repositioned to appeal to a younger more diverse market and a product offer that is much more relevant to the modern Australian lifestyle.

With a completely new line of cars to appeal to this market, GM Holden needed a strategic plan for greenfield dealerships and dealership refurbishments to implement digital signage network nationally and key pieces of content to bring the system to life.

RetailMotion developed a digital signage strategic framework to allow dealerships upgrading and building new sites to add digital signage systems that play into the dealership of the future. An A-Z guide that allows the dealer to build a digital signage system based on affordability and customer experience goals.

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The system architecture was built to be flexible, affordable and scalable providing everything a dealer would need to engage a third party or build a digital signage system in-house. Given Digital Signage already existed in some dealerships we were also engaged to develop the creative for the new system. The creative showcased the car, truck and SUV ranges as well as the new overall brand offers.

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The Solution