As a partner of McDonald’s for over 25 years, we have been heavily involved in the design, development and distribution of their printed materials across more than 1,000 stores.

However, it became extremely challenging to execute a seven day-part menu across a range of time zones, all while localising the menus down to an individual store level.

We were thus challenged to digitise McDonald’s menu boards to make this process far more cost and time efficient.

Following trials in 30 stores, McDonald’s saw the immediate impact our menu board content had on the customer experience, leading to improved sales and greater customer engagement.

Following this success, McDonald’s again challenged us – this time to roll out the digital menu board content nation wide.

We are now creating, coding and scheduling content, as well as providing a dedicated technical support team, for just over 1,000 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

As a result, McDonald’s has continued to achieve positive growth, despite increasingly difficult competition and drastically changing consumer demands.

The Solution