The Comfort Shop

With such fierce competition, The Comfort Shop needs to remain innovative in order to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

That’s why they looked to us to create a complete digital signage experience for their flagship showroom in Sydney.

Tasked with showcasing their premier products and increasing engagement with the passing foot traffic, we developed a strategy to communicate the superior comfort and space saving products they offer.

Using a range of these products as hero images, combined with sophisticated animations and carefully considered scheduling, we were able to effectively communicate their brand and offers to engage and attract shoppers into their store.

We now manage their digital signage network remotely and can change the messaging and creative content to respond to the seasonal, and different day parting considerations, as well as competitive movements.

This has ensured The Comfort Shop’s flagship store has an innovative, premium digital signage network that continues to capture the attention of passer-by and draw shoppers in.

The Solution