Van Heusen

Being one of the leading menswear brands means Van Heusen always needs to be one step ahead of the game.

That’s why they looked to us to develop content for their large format, interactive touch screens to sit in the menswear section at a number of Myer locations across Australia.

We created a clean interface with simple navigation paths and clear language to communicate detailed product information, as well as creating an animated piece to engage new and existing Van Heusen customers.

The kiosk provides key product and brand touch points, directing customers to the next step in the purchase cycle, and is managed from a centrally located Content Management System.

The results have generated extremely positive feedback from customers as well as Van Heusen sales staff, who refer to the system during the sales process. This success has meant the kiosk has been rolled out to 25 key Myer locations across Australia.

The Solution

Creative Ideation

We create big retail communications ideas, based on deep insight led strategy that drives your growth metrics.


• Insight led communication inspires our creative team to develop campaigns to drive your business growth

• Ideas and creative routes that bring your brand to life across your digital signage network

• With hundreds of campaigns worth of experience, our complete in-house digital studio can give you a competitive advantage


We develop winning moves so you can stay ahead of the pack.


• Reviewing your retail network to help you prepare for the future

• Choosing which areas to strategically focus resources

• Winning in-store technology and communication strategies

• Executing strategy with discipline and clear success metrics

Content Production

We create engaging and inspiring content that sells your brand offers, enhances the customer experience and ultimately sells more.


• Full scale in-house creative studio that specialises in digital signage communication

• Animators and programmers that turn static content into engaging content

• Curation and/or customisation of your existing content to influence at each touchpoint of the customer journey

• New content created to specifically maximise ROI of your digital signage network

Project Management

We ensure everything runs to plan, and the solution is on brief, on time and on budget.


• Project scoping to ensure all elements are captured and agreed ahead of execution for complete confidence

• Preparation of both topline and detailed project documents including tools and methods to help keep project teams on track

• Reporting against timelines, budgets and resources to help managers deliver certainty to key stakeholders

Scheduling & Campaign Management

We create and schedule in-store media programs that deliver you a complete easy to understand plan.


• Simple to very complex campaigns deliver the right message to the right device at the right time

• Pictorial media schedules so you know exactly what is happening in your digital signage network

• Schedules designed for easy stakeholder engagement from SMB to Enterprise level organisations

• Scheduling to reflect changes in local, competitive environments