Today’s time-poor urbanites are bombarded with more than 10,000 messages per day so traditional static posters in windows just don’t have the same cut through or flexibility they once had to attract new customers into stores in the highly competitive retail market. And with Australia’s rapidly changing demographics and the trend toward “Fresh fast Food” Woolworths Metro needed a way to quickly educate consumers that Metro was not just a mini supermarket – it was the place to go for freshly prepared meals for people on the go.

So RetailMotion designed and developed a complete strategy to leverage best in class digital signage technologies,  and designed, built and now manage a centrally controlled network of digital signage across the store network to ensure their “Fresh Food to Go” stands out in a crowded market.

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The digital signage system adopted a centrally managed content management system where media schedules can be changed in minutes depending on the season, occasion, time of day, location and relevant customer demographic profiles. And while our technologists were busy building the network of digital screens, digital signage players, switches, routers and monitoring systems our team of strategists were developing creative and media plans to deliver a campaign to dial up appetite appeal and powerful product offers to drive foot traffic and sales.

The ability to deliver the right creative message on the right screen at the right time has never been more important in driving foot traffic and uplift in sales of Fresh Food on the Go!

And our operational expertise has delivered a superior return on investment (ROI) as we monitor the entire infrastructure with automatic alerts that trigger technical support to investigate and mitigate problems remotely before they become issues to avoid unnecessary site call-outs and minimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the Digital Signage System.

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The Solution