Your Fix Cafe

New business ventures looking to disrupt established and successful industries require many things. Apart from a revolutionary idea and the belief they will succeed, they need to harness the power of new technology to engage the public and influence their choices. This is especially important in the fickle Australian café culture market.

With the idea to sell every (yes, EVERY) item of the menu for just $2.75, YourFix had the revolutionary idea.  With the concept taking off in Israel, YourFix also had the belief they would succeed. All that was left was finding the right technology to engage consumers and get their message across.

That’s why they came to RetailMotion.

Briefed with creating their content and installing two attract screens, RetailMotion got to work immediately.

Two weeks, one photoshoot and the consumption of plenty of delicious food later, the screens were installed and the content began to roll, marking the beginning of the “Food Revolution”.

With a second store now up and running, with a third currently in the works, YourFix are well on the way to disrupting the café industry.

Two attract screens at a time.

The Solution