Considering Digital Signage Displays?

The 3 Most Important Questions When Considering Digital Signage

Most people think Digital Signage is easy. Get a screen installed, put up some cool images, and wait for the ROI right?


Unfortunately, Digital Signage Displays are slightly more complicated than that. While it certainly gives you the flexibility to change content within seconds and can provide unprecedented ROI, for your Digital Signage to have the maximum impact, there are a number of questions that need to be considered before having it installed.

While Digital Signage Software is a relatively new and highly specialised technology, answering these questions doesn’t require browsing page after page of technical jargon that only experts can understand.

So when examining how Digital Signage can grow your business, consider these three questions before talking to the specialists.

What are your Digital Signage Objectives

This is a no-brainer and should be the first question you ask yourself before undertaking any serious business investment.

What do you want it to achieve?

You need to articulate some objectives for your Digital Signage before you think about anything else. Think about what overall outcomes and goals you want to achieve, and how Digital Signage Software will help you achieve that.

Your goals could be as general as simply increasing sales or foot traffic in your store, or be as focused on increasing brand awareness of a specific product you are selling.

Regardless of what your goals are, ensure they are clearly set out, realistically achievable, and easily measurable.

What Kind of Screen do you Want?

Choosing what kind of screen is right for your business and your business objectives can be tricky and may require some background research.

There are a number of different screens to choose from, all of which are best suited to specific roles. A touch-screen kiosk, for example, is great if your objectives include greater customer engagement or an increase in staff efficiency. In contrast, a Digital Menu Board, which can cycle through images and animations, would be perfect if you wanted to increase brand awareness of certain products.

It is important to consider the functionality of each screen, and how this aligns with your business goals and digital signage objectives. For a concise overview of which screen is right for your business, have a look here.

Where will they be located?

Once you have outlined the goals you want to achieve with your Digital Signage, you need to start thinking about where you will display your screens. While you may not have put much thought into this, it is one of the most important decisions in regards to the success of your Digital Signage Displays, and will often be integral to the success or failure of your investment. As they say, “location is everything”.

Now, while there is no “right or wrong” location to display your screens, generally the best space is in the most visible, unobstructed area available. This could be in your front window to highlight your products, your showroom advertising specials or even sitting behind your employees as a menu.

However, this, of course, is just a guide and where you ultimately place your screens should depend upon your objectives and what you want to display on the screen.

Thinking about these three questions are not only essential in helping you plan for Digital Signage but will save you time and money when consulting with Digital Signage specialists. It also provides a platform from which you can work with specialists to create a tailored content strategy that perfectly fits your business and Digital Signage objectives, allowing you to achieve the maximum ROI.

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