Retail Data Analytics Consulting Company

Retail success depends on the retail data analytics companies  you choose

Much has been written on what it takes to be successful in business, but the one inescapable truth is that the companies that are most successful are those that have the right information and use that information in the right ways.

This is especially true in the fiercely competitive world of retail trading. Consumers just have so much choice nowadays, and you need to know which choices are influencing them so you can influence them.

In the world of business, information is king. Those who have it will have the advantage over those who don’t. You will still have to put in the work, providing value to your customers, sourcing quality products, and setting attractive prices, but the analytic data tells you when the things you are trying actually work and when they don’t.
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Spot the trends before they start

Another advantage of analytic data is that it can help you make better predictions about what is coming. This is the information age, and global data is easily at your fingertips at the press of a button. Based on what is happening elsewhere in the world, you can make educated guesses about what will happen at home. This means you can start getting ready for things before they happen, and you won’t be left behind in the stampede to stock up on the items that are trending.

Retail Motion are your local specialists in retail analytics consulting

As a business based in Australia, we know what information is going to be most important for Australian business owners. We’re also accessible during your normal working hours, so it’s a lot easier to do business with us. No more 3am phone calls or language barriers.

We have a lot to offer, and our service is priced to be affordable to businesses of any size. Even if you are just starting out (or maybe especially if you are just starting out), our analytics services are going to prove a good investment.

Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Get up to 200% more attention with digital signage
  • Get detailed retail analytic data that paints a true picture of everything affecting your business. See what’s happened, what’s happening, and what’s going to happen. You’ll be making the most effective business decisions you’ve ever made.
  • We can do website analytics too.
  • Count your foot traffic. Do you know how many people are visiting your stores? How many of those coming in are buying? What parts of the store are being browsed more often or less often? These are all the kinds of things you can find out just from simple metrics that are easily collected with inexpensive technology.
  • Help with interpreting data information and extracting the strategically usable information from it. We will help you understand your customers, and this will enable you to provide even better service to them.

When you choose Retail Motion, you are in good company

We work with businesses of all sizes throughout Australia, from tiny single room shops run by two people to local branches of large international retail chains with hundreds of employees in each location.

Some of our biggest clients include Woolworths, McDonalds, Asics, Lindt, Van Heusen, General Motors, The North Face, The Comfort Shop, APW, Event Cinemas, Yourfix Cafe, and many more.  These businesses choose Retail Motion because we consistently deliver the high quality needed by global retailers to get the best marketing edge.

We’re just as happy to help small business owners to grow and prosper, so get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for you.
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