Retail POS & Marketing Analytics Solutions

Retail analytics solutions you can depend on

We are Retail Motion, one of the most well known and trusted names in marketing and analytics in Australia. Many major corporations use our services including McDonalds, Woolworths, General Motors, Van Heusen, Lindt, and Asics, to name just a few.

Despite our prolific portfolio, we don’t overlook the needs of smaller businesses, and we provide analytic support services to thousands of small to medium enterprises throughout the nation and even beyond our own shores.

Doing business with Retail Motion means a shortcut to more success, saving you time and effort, and giving you genuinely useful information that will help you grow and protect your business.

The essentials: Retail POS analytics & Foot Traffic analytics

With these two data sources attended to, you have already covered most of the bases and you have access to the most important data that will directly impact your business planning and decision making.

This information lets you know how many people are coming in, how they’re moving through, and whether they’re buying anything on the way. You’ll also get some idea of what they’re buying and what they’re not.
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For example, you may have a product that you expected would sell very well, but for some mysterious reason it’s not achieving the success you hoped for. Before you reach for that big red “On Special” sticker and try practically giving the products away for half price just to get them off your shelves, there are a few other options to consider first.

It may simply be a matter of location. If your product is located in a part of the store that isn’t attracting much foot traffic, it may just not be getting seen.

There are two things you can do in this case:

  • Move the product to a different location within the store; or
  • Do something to make the location more attractive to shoppers

Of these two solutions, the first is the easiest because it does not require much effort or intellect to achieve it. The second option is, however, preferable because it allows all of the products in that section to gain more exposure and helps you get an even better understanding of what your customers want.

The bottom line is that properly using analytic information, you can make appropriate strategic decisions and learn important lessons that will help you make your business be more successful immediately and in the years ahead.

Mastering retail marketing analytics is valuable

If you’re prepared to invest the time into learning how to interpret the data metrics that compose the fundamentals of retail analytics, you will become a marketing genius. It sounds ridiculously simple, but that’s because it is.

Marketing is nine tenths common sense and a dash of creativity. Before you can really excel at it, however, you need to be acting on the right kind of information. The web is littered with the remains of those who made serious marketing blunders, and the lessons learned from those experiences are well worth investigating.

You can avoid those kinds of problems by making sure you properly understand what the analytics data is telling you. Or if you’re just too busy for that, Retail Motion is here to help by providing the analysis for you, so you can get on with business while knowing you have superior information available to help you make the best business decisions.
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