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The competitive advantage, transforming the business landscape. Unlock shopper behaviour with retail analytics systems.

Smart Analytics.
More than just a people counter

Retail analytics is the process of capturing data and providing insights about a specific business activity such as sales, customers, marketing, operations, staff and any other crucial aspect of your business. The key to gaining an advantage over your competitors is knowing how to determine which of this data is relevant and what is not.

RetailMotion has years of experience depicting this data, allowing you to make informed decisions about how to create a unique and memorable customer experience. We have refined our offer over the years, ensuring an analytics solution is available for your business that can vary depending on your store’s needs. The capabilities of analytics equipment can range from monitoring foot traffic with people counters, to gaining remote visibility into your stores with full-scale, custom solutions.

We Provide A Full Range Of Analytics Services

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System Design

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Equipment Procurement

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Install, Integrate, Commission

An icon displaying a laptop representing the database management software sub-service of analytics.

Data Management Software

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Analysis & Reporting

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Technical & Customer Support

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We are focused on building partnerships. From the minute you reach out to us, we listen to you, learning about your business challenges. Together we form a solution to help you reach your ambitions and achieve optimum results.


We are rigorous when it comes to devising the strategy that underpins your analytics solution. We leave nothing to chance, using data-backed approaches to ensure that your needs are met in the best possible way.

A polygon style illustration displaying a male and a female placing and discussing notes stuck on a glass wall, representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of strategy.
A polygon style illustration displaying a floor plan with sensors strategically positioned in multiple rooms, each sensor has a cone that indicates the direction it is pointing and its field of view representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of system design.

System Design

You don’t have to engage in the usual guesswork about what hardware and connectivity you need for your analytics system, we design and or source end-to-end solutions that are right for your business.

Equipment Procurement

Analytics equipment can be foreign and overwhelming if you aren’t sure what you need. We have established partnerships from our experience with retail analytics systems, from which we can source, negotiate and acquire all the equipment you need on your behalf.

A polygon style illustration displaying a male with a hard hat on, pushing a trolly with three boxes stacked on it representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of equipment procurement.
A polygon style illustration displaying a male installer standing on a step ladder, holding a screwdriver and in the process of installing a sensor to the ceiling representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of install, integrate, commission.

Install, Integrate, Commission

We work with you from start to finish, making it easy for you, with RetailMotion as the single point of accountability. Our experience with analytics, combined with careful planning and deployment allows us to execute top-class, operational solutions for you and your business.

Data Management Software

Our data management software for displaying your retail analytics, allows you to see exactly where you are hitting your targets and where you are falling short. Most importantly, it handles big data so that you will be able to understand how you can improve your business, using easy-to-read dashboards.

A polygon style illustration displaying a left hand holding a tablet that shows a analytics dashboard on its screen and a right hand interacting with the tablet representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of data management software.
A polygon style illustration displaying a male sitting at a desk using a laptop, behind him is a representation of an analytics dashboard representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of analysis and reporting.

Analysis & Reporting

Relevancy is essential when it comes to analysing and reporting large amounts of data collected by your analytics dashboard. RetailMotion can help you depict, understand, and keep track of this data so that you can see your results and business improvement.

Technical & Customer Support

We offer three service level agreements (SLA’s), Bronze, Silver, and Gold, to ensure there is an option available to suit your needs. Our highly skilled technical support team will provide ongoing management and support to keep your analytics operational and to continue delivering value.

A polygon style illustration displaying three side-by-side females with headsets on, representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of technical and customer support.
A polygon style illustration displaying a female standing on a step ladder as she has connected a measuring device to a ceiling mounted sensor via wires to observe and review the sensors operation and function representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of maintenance.


We do everything to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the benefits of quality retail analytics solutions. An extension of our technical and customer support team, we have technicians on hand that work to ensure there are no issues with your analytics system.

An image of a meeting, represented by laptops and tablets placed on a wooden table with four people, each laptop is paired with a person who is interacting with it. The devices are displaying a RetailNext analytics dashboard as the people in the meeting are reviewing and discussing the data.

Powerfully Impact Your Business

Understand shopper activity at the front door and throughout the store with our retail analytics solutions using sensors, sophisticated data management software, and an easy-to-read dashboard. Determine which areas of your store design and layout are “hot spots”, and at what time they experience the highest foot traffic. This allows you to plan your customer-to-staff ratio accordingly, saving you money and resources. Improve efficiency among your employees, harness the ability of those who effectively convert and increase purchase volume, to improve the customer experience within your store.

Analytics systems allow you to organise, analyse, and display massive amounts of retail data unlike ever before. Gain insight into the performance of specific promotional campaigns and launches, and learn how this directly impacts key performance indicators (KPI’s) such as average transaction value and conversion rate.

Enhance store operations before rolling out campaigns across all your stores to understand how shoppers move and interact with your products and staff. Maximise in-store and window display effectiveness with knowledge from retail analytics solutions, allowing you to test concepts for increased business performance.

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