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A polygon style illustration displaying a left hand holding a tablet that shows a analytics dashboard on its screen and a right hand interacting with the tablet representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of data management software.
Analytics >

Data Management Software

Analytics >

Data Management Software

“What gets measured, gets managed”
– Peter Drucker

For your retail analytics solution to be fully operational and to bring everything together, it is vital to have data management software. The purpose of this software is to be able to store and retrieve meaningful data, in the fastest way possible so you can utilise it to make informed business decisions.

Data management software integrates with all of the other components in your system to capture accurate and relevant information regarding your stores’ performance and customer behaviour. RetailMotion accesses and harnesses best-in-class solutions so that data can be easily managed across your network of stores and present your business with a competitive advantage.

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Get relevant data for your business

Data management software organises the results captured by your in-store sensor technology, equipping you with a unified and instant view of your stores and customers. This software is critical for improving accuracy as it goes through a process known as data ‘cleaning’ or ‘washing’, which involves detecting inaccurate, incomplete, or missing results.

These errors could include double-counting people, not counting at all as people enter or exit the store, or miscounting objects as people. Incomplete or missing results have little benefit to your business; therefore, to avoid this, data management software is one of the most useful and practical parts of your entire analytics solution.

Keep your data safe

When it comes to data management software and collecting information about your customers that can help improve your business, RetailMotion values safety and security. It is essential that the data your retail analytics system captures is depersonalised to ensure the privacy of your customers. It means there can be no connection drawn between the data and an individual, protecting the personal data of your customers. The data is visually simplified on your dashboard, providing you with a fact-based understanding of who your customers are, and how they move around and transact in-store.

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