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Analytics Strategy

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Analytics Strategy

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”
– Michael Porter

Our strategic minds make all the difference when it comes to devising the strategy behind your business’ retail analytics solution. We combine our experience with comprehensive assessments of your business to determine the best way to address the challenge at hand. RetailMotion can help you outsmart your competition and maximise business potential using analytics technology.

We devise the strategy behind your solution and also help determine how you can use the results to improve the effectiveness of your business.

The following key questions comprise the basis of our strategic framework.

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Why do you need Analytics?

Retail analytics is a growing industry and it is important to understand the purpose it plays in improving your overall business. Depending on the aligned objectives, analytics solutions can be used to address a number of general and specific issues your business may face.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are
  • Know how many customers are in your store at any given time
  • Improve your customer’s in-store experience
  • Reduce costs by improving staff rosters and efficiency

What Analytics solutions are available?

There are different types of technology that can be used for your analytics solution depending on your business needs and objectives, with ranging capabilities.

One of the most popular and effective technologies for foot-traffic analytics is 3D stereo vision sensors. These people counting devices are used to understand the times that the store is busiest, and the general route customers take inside. As solutions advance, so do the capabilities of the technology employed. You can take your retail business to the next level using laser sensors, camera technology, and human facial recognition software to go beyond traffic counting and understand the customer journey like never before.

RetailMotion has the experience and knowledge to source or design the analytics solution that is right for your business. We do the thinking and make the process hassle-free, guiding you at each step.

A polygon style illustration displaying a ceiling mounted analytics brickstream model sensor.
A polygon style illustration displaying a male facing towards a sensor mounted on the ceiling that shows a visual representation of its field of vision by a cone shape. Both his hands are pointing towards it in a way that has both his thumbs and index fingers shaped in an “L” that join up as a square. It is implied that he is measuring or determining position.

Where does your Analytics solution go?

The positioning of your retail analytics solution is crucial in determining the relevancy and quality of the data you collect. RetailMotion helps your business with the thinking, ensuring that your solution is set up for success.

The perfect position is somewhat dependant on the objectives you wish to achieve, but in most cases, it is critical to have your people counting analytics at all the entry and exit points of your store. The height, angle, and distance at which your laser sensors are positioned need to be considered to get the most accurate data. It is integral that nothing is interfering with or blocking the line of direction of your analytics solution, for example, a table or pole to determine the success or failure of your investment.

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