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A polygon style illustration displaying a floor plan with sensors strategically positioned in multiple rooms, each sensor has a cone that indicates the direction it is pointing and its field of view representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of system design.
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Analytics System Design

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System Design

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”
– Aristotle

After the strategic framework for your analytics solution has been created, we develop a blueprint that brings the idea into its tangible form. System design allows you to see all the components required for your solution to be brought to life and become operational. RetailMotion demonstrates how the different parts work cohesively to produce a unified, seamless retail analytics system that delivers value to your business.

A polygon style illustration displaying a male on the left and a female on right, both wearing a suit. The male is pointing as a clothing manikin. A sensor is directly above the manikin and a visual representation of its field of vision by a cone shape represents it is monitoring that area.

The best Analytics solution for your business

When it comes to system design, one size does not fit all. Each store serves a different purpose, and therefore the design of the analytics solution will need to differ to match its needs. Whether you are looking to monitor your foot traffic analytics, enhance your store layout or gain a deeper understanding of who your customers are, we create a map that reflects the brief outlining all the pieces required to achieve maximum results.

Configuration is key for System Design

One of the most critical components of the analytics system design is the configuration of the sensors. The sensors must be smart enough to distinguish between different kinds of people and objects. If not configured correctly there is a chance for error such as miscounting including;

  • Objects including tables, poles, mannequins etc. being incorrectly counted as people
  • Two people walking in unison with one another being miscounted as one person
  • A parent holding a child
  • A person entering and leaving the store multiple times in quick succession
  • A person entering a store with a shopping trolley may be double-counted

RetailMotion ensures that your retail analytics solution is configured correctly to minimise the chance of error and give you the most accurate results possible so that you can make informed business decisions.

A polygon style illustration displaying a male facing towards a sensor mounted on the ceiling that shows a visual representation of its field of vision by a cone shape. Both his hands are pointing towards it in a way that has both his thumbs and index fingers shaped in an “L” that join up as a square. It is implied that he is measuring or determining position.
A polygon style illustration displaying two males in discussion sitting at a table, the male on the left is holding a pen and a tablet whilst the male on the right has his hand’s interlaced listening intently representing the RetailMotion analytics sub-service of consulting.

Make more informed business decisions

We have experience supplying analytics solutions Australia wide, and we believe that collaboration during system design is important so that you have an understanding of how you are addressing your business challenge. The blueprint illustrates how the hardware, software and network pieces integrate to create the perfect solution for your business, giving you power when making current and future decisions.

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