We deliver content to the right device, location and time, every time using best in class software solutions and centralised content management.

  • Leverage world-class digital signage platforms comprised of networked media players installed on-site and web-based, centrally managed media server applications
  • Organize your digital signage network by physical store location, shared geographies, or customer attributes and more.
  • Design layouts using a single interface, place content and distribute campaigns that support single, dual or multi-channel output media players
  • Content Management and Scheduling is performed using drag and drop functionality. Every zone can be programmed independently or synchronized to coordinate the playout of assets at particular locations or to groups of players or even targeted to a single media player.
  • Day Parting – Define start and end dates and day parts using an intuitive visual approach
  • Enterprise level performance, security, and scalability with flexible deployment on workspaces or in a web browser.