We embed solutions into your backend systems, by working hand in hand with IT and other functions to deliver optimal solutions.

  • Assessment of the proposed solutions, compatibility with different hardware, operating, and security systems. 
  • Expertise in creating integrated and stand-alone digital signage and in-store analytics solutions. 
  • Network or cloud-based hosting and integration services.

We drive hardware and content integration through a number of factors. Confirm the Installation success. Test the network connectivity in-store. Review the media plan and media schedule play correctly. Incredible things happen when you get great content in front of the right people. But they don’t happen by chance.

You need a plan. And not just any plan – your digital signage strategy needs to be built on real-life audience insights and a strong communication message. You need to know what your future customers are searching for and how they view your stores and navigate through your stores.

That’s the only way you can ensure your content is hitting the target and pushing through to meet your goals.

RetailMotion is here to create seamless end-to-end digital signage solutions that create jaw-dropping and totally unique content and hardware integrations that attract, engage and convert people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer – the very same people who are most likely to walk past store time and time again.

Every piece of hardware and content will be fully optimised and positioned to maximise the exposure at the right time, to the right people, every time. Because without relevant, shareable, search-friendly content, digital domination will always be out of reach.