We use smart device systems that provide 24hour automatic alerts on all equipment, escalating potential problems to the optimal support levels to minimise costs and measures up time on service level agreements.

Our remote remote diagnostic and troubleshooting system has three (3) tiers of service levels that can be subscribed to at any time with your digital signage projects. Using this software, our dedicated and friendly team of highly trained specialists will proactively monitor the performance and security of your hardware. Ultimately, this assists in reducing your overall cost of ownership of the digital signage network. How? You may ask. Well, in this ever changing world of technology there will inevitably be issues of one shape or another, whether it be third-party internet issues, manufacturer faults or unpredictable unforeseen circumstances. Due to our diagnostic and troubleshooting system, RetailMotion will actively monitor the tell tale signs of issues, therefore will be aware of potential issues before they can cause further inconvenience. 

An example of a scenario: The digital signage screens turn black and content ceases, the issue escalates further than technical and customer support, then a technical specialist has to be sent out to the site and assess the situation, only having to come back to swap out a cable. There’s no telling how long this process could take, there’s no way of telling how long the content could be out of commission.  This could all be avoided with remote diagnostic and troubleshoot monitoring, you will have the peace of mind that our specialist team is serving as a net that catches the headaches before turning into migraines. 

Note: Should queries require additional resources and/or answers that go behind your service level agreement there may be a need to escalate the query further, where your dedicated account management team will be informed and the query will be assessed for further action. During this process, the query will be categorised as a unique ticket and will be referred to during all future communication concerning the specific query in question. Should your query require an integration specialist to be sent out to your store(s) to resolve the query, please be advised this may or may not be covered in your service level agreement depending on what has been discussed with your account management team. 

Technical and Customer Support Service Level Agreements: 


  • Remote Phone Support: Monday – Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm)
  • Monitor devices per digital signage configuration per store. 


  • Remote Phone Support: Monday – Sunday (9:00am – 5:00pm) 
  • Monitor devices per digital signage configuration per store. 


  • Remote Phone Support: Monday – Sunday (6:00am – 11:00pm) 
  • Monitor devices per digital signage configuration per store.