We present findings that turn insight into action, so you can deliver your business objectives.

The RetailMotion reporting process involves both a physical report and a verbal meeting with your dedicated account management team. Our content management systems (CMS) offers fully integrated and powerful reporting functions that all clients have access to. The reporting functions will allow you to gather a range of raw data that you can export and analyse. In today’s ever changing technology world it more important than ever to create engaging and compelling experiences for your customers. You can analyse your data, view your content and schedules, view your customers dwell time and average purchase, such information would be considered the unfair competitive advantage.

A unique set of strategy and project professionals cover your specialised digital solutions. We engage with our clients beyond the standard, beyond the product, we sit and talk about your data and provide consulting so you can push the boundaries of the digital and interactive experiences your customer deserves. 

Partnering with the best-in-class we offer systems that are user friendly, robust, insightful and accessible.

Cloud-Based Analytics

  • Cloud-based CMS with rapid fast data flow from in-store sensors.
  • Access anytime, anywhere with any web service at your fingertips. 
  • Reporting available on hardware and software within the network.
  • Customise your analytics dashboard based on your desired filters. 

Digital Signage Reporting 

  • Cloud-based CMS with rapid fast data flow from in-store screens, media players, routers etc. 
  • Customisable user-level access to enable specific view privileges and restrictions
  • Turn data into insights with customisable reports and discussion with the RetailMotion strategy team. 
  • Enable notifications, auditing and security elements to ensure you always have access