Digital Signage Challenges

Digital signage opens a whole new door of opportunities for companies looking to increase in-store branding and promotion.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that signage systems are not some type of miracle technology that will instantly solve all of your business woes. The degree of success you have with your displays depends on multiple factors, such as the type of content you include, the placement of the displays, and how well you maintain the central command centre.

Getting all the components right is no easy task but will certainly pay dividends in the long haul.

Creating Attention-Worthy Content

  • Digital Signage Challenges: Crafting engaging content can feel like a monumental task. It’s not always easy to determine a form of content delivery that will compel your demographic audience. You have to really ask yourself what kind of content will command attention from a consumer’s perspective.
  • Digital Signage Solutions: For most industries, the solution requires a rainbow approach. This means utilising multiple methods, such as but not limited to:
    • Static images accompanied by slogans and voiceovers
    • Texts with a strong call-to-action
    • Slides
    • Videos; this includes recordings using real-life actors, 2D and 3D animation, or whiteboard animation
    • There is also the category of interactive media. How can your business benefit from this if at all? If you opt for this approach, in what ways can you create an engaging and immersive experience that not only creates a pleasurable experience for the consumer but also markets your brand in the process?

Choosing a Location and Screen Size

  • Digital Signage Challenges: Getting the position and size of screens just right.
  • Digital Signage Solutions: Displays should be positioned in an area where it will attract the most views. Think of physical locations in your facility where people tend to gather. This may include waiting areas, lobbies, checkout lanes, and inside elevators. Signage systems should also be placed in close proximity to a product if it is being used to promote said merchandise.
    • You also need to think about screen size. Bigger isn’t always better; in fact, a smaller screen could play to your advantage if used smartly. Bigger screens are beneficial for window placement where they can be viewed by passing pedestrians. They are also optimal for overhead use if a ground-level placement is not an option.
    • As for pint-sized screens, some are no bigger than a tablet and are great for mounting against a pillar. It can also be mounted against a store shelf where it can display an ad for the item on that shelf.

Inner Process Handling and Maintenance

  • Digital Signage Challenges: Who handles things internally? Who needs to be involved?
  • Digital Signage Solutions: While signage systems can be programmed to work on autopilot, someone still needs to be a designer to oversee the operations. This person will be responsible for changing out the content and should also have some general IT smarts. Like any other technology, troubleshooting may be required from time to time, and the staffer left in charge would ideally have the know-how to correct any glitches.
    • Who will be given the role of digital signage maintenance? Will it be you, another staffer, or will it be a shared responsibility? Whoever the role goes to, will this person also be responsible for creating the content? Also, consider that outsourcing may be a possible solution.

Why Digital Signage Makes Sense

There’s no denying that implementing a digital signage campaign is a complex undertaking. Not only do you have to create stellar content, but you also have to have the logistics figured out. This includes the initial setup, creating content on a consistent basis, and establishing a control station.It’s a hefty investment that will likely fluster you in the beginning. However, the reason it’s done at all is that the potential payoff can be huge. For a business to do well, it needs to be noticed, and digital signage represents a contemporary approach that can create awareness and rapport with the consumers.
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