Digital Signage Installations

When it comes to digital signage, the average display is roughly the same size as the HD television set in your living room. As far as placement, common locations include those areas where people tend to gather, such as lobbies and waiting areas. For businesses that have used digital signage for any length of time, this is all standard knowledge.

However, there are businesses that went to the next level with their digital signage installations. The following five examples will blow your mind away and give you food for thought over how creative you can get with your own campaign.

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan located in the country’s capital of Astana is the home of one of the world’s largest digital signage installations.

To top it off, the display is actually embedded on the floor, enabling visitors to watch content as it is played out beneath their feet. For the project, 900 46-inch displays were used, covering 5,560-square feet. The floor was diligently engineered to provide a non-slip surface that provides a crystal-clear image without issues like scuff marks and reflection inhibiting the view.

Digital signage displays are common in malls and are seen inside stores as well as on window fronts. However, the Wuxi Livet Shopping Center in China created a mind-blowing display by fitting a three-story elevator shaft with a digital display. The result is a gigantic screen that features ads of the day that shoppers at any floor of the mall can view from a distance.

3. Blue Moon

To promote its brand, Blue Moon, an alcoholic beverage company, incorporated a digital signage installation at the window front of a shop in Los Angeles. With the aid of a company representative, pedestrians could use the display as a painting canvas and create a painting with the Blue Moon logo as the backdrop. Once complete, participants can save their art pieces and share them across their social media channels.

4. Museum of Arts and Crafts, Paris

Digital signage installations aren’t always about marketing. At the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Paris, a digital display is used to show visitors what their internal organs look like. The effect is achieved by using an X-ray, MRI scan, and a motion capture camera to show the onlooker’s internal body.

The images, however, do not show the person’s actual internal system and instead uses images from pre-recorded scans. Nevertheless, visitors got a kick out of it as it was like staring into a mirror that revealed a thermal image of their insides.

5. WestJet Airlines

This campaign will truly revive your Christmas spirit. At two airports in Canada, a digital display was shown with a message asking travelers to scan their passport on the screen. Within seconds, a live feed of Santa would appear who would identify the travelers by name and ask for their wishes.

Afterward, passengers would resume their travels and embark on their flight. In the meantime, all the wishes that participants identified were recorded, and staffers from the destination airport would purchase the items and wrap them up. When the unsuspecting passengers arrived and proceeded to the baggage claim, instead of their baggage, what came out of the baggage claim instead were the gifts that they requested.

Digital signage installation can be simple, but when it’s out of the box, it really makes an impact that is felt by the consumers. While some of the campaigns mentioned aren’t possible to pull off for the average business, it does show how far a little creativity can go.

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