Thermal Infrared People Counter

Boost your business performance with foot traffic analytics

The best business decisions are informed business decisions. If you’re not collecting the most important business metrics such as how many people are entering and leaving your store or which areas of your store are getting the most traffic, then you are more or less flying blind. Guesswork can only get you so far.

Using foot traffic analytics in your business supplies data that will put precision into the information you use for planning and reporting. Your business managers can use this data to create more effective advertising and promotional material, decide when products should be moved to different areas of the store, and decide which products may need to be culled from your inventory.

This is an affordable investment for your business

This is a simple upgrade that will not cost much, because it does not require sophisticated machinery or special computing devices. You simply install counters at strategic locations around the store and leave them to do the job of counting. The information could be stored using cheap second hand computers just as easily as if you’re using the very latest computer technology.
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A single counter or multiple counters?

The more counters you install around the store, the more data you can collect. Of course, if you only have a very small retail space, it doesn’t make much sense to go overboard with installing people counters. For a larger store with many different sections, not having enough counters will possibly mean you’re not getting all the most meaningful information.

Another thing to consider is that installing multiple counters at a single checkpoint can help improve the accuracy of the count, as you can help to eliminate false positives and false negatives in this way.

It’s actually best to always have at least two counters, and something of a mistake to only use a single counter. This is because, with a single counter, you can’t really tell the difference between somebody entering and somebody leaving. Using two counters lets you separate traffic into entering and departing categories.

For better accuracy, use a thermal people counter

One of the weaknesses of traditional people counter technology is that it has been unable to easily distinguish between biological and non-biological entities crossing the path of the beam. Using a more sophisticated counter that can scan for body temperature before updating its results will make your analytic data collection more accurate. The problem of things like trolleys and boxes being counted as people will no longer be a factor in your results.

Why an infrared traffic counter is the best choice

Using simple infrared technology means there is no potentially harmful high intensity laser light involved, the beam is completely invisible under normal lighting conditions, and it can provide thermal feedback.

Infrared technology also does not require much power to operate, so there are potential cost savings as well when compared to alternative technologies.

Thermal counters are available right now from Retail Motion

We are specialists in business information services, providing products that help business managers make the best decisions with accurate data. Our thermal counters will do an effective job of counting people entering and leaving areas of your store.
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