Top Digital Signage Trends to Watch Out for

The tech community is always abuzz with news about new trends, and the digital signage industry is no exception. This is a form of digital advertising that continues to evolve and allows marketers to create content that is worthy of awe. This, of course, translates to better ROI. Some of the top trends for 2014 are already in full swing and practiced by many corporations and enterprises, and those that have yet to jump on the bandwagon may already be behind their competitors.

Display Size Matters

In an effort to really get in that “wow” factor, some retailers are resorting to gigantic display screens, some big enough to be seen clearly from hundreds of feet above. Such displays can be seen in prominent metropolitan areas like New York or Tokyo city where enormous screens make up a portion of the outer walls of skyscrapers. In place of one giant screen, marketers may also use multiple smaller screens arranged in a tile formation, which gives the display a cool-looking grid effect.

Likewise, opting for smaller screens, some as small as a tablet, can also be quite trendy. Petite signage systems are great for indoor advertising and can be mounted to a pillar or the edge of a shelf or item rack.

More Signage Systems are Becoming Interactive

More displays now come with a touchscreen and encourage some type of consumer engagement. This allows customers to selectively choose the type of information they wish to view. More advanced forms of engagement may include a miniature video game with a theme related to the product being promoted. Additional methods include the use of QR codes that allows consumers to access additional information or freebies through their mobile device.

Show Content as They are Presented in Real Time

Showing Content in real-time can be as simple as showing up to date, general information, such as the weather forecast. However, the information should preferably be related to the industry. A department store, for example, can show recent news feeds pulled from online celebrity and fashion magazines. This will especially be effective if the stories feature particular apparel or accessory that the store carries.

The Display of Personal Messages

Personal messages are always more effective than broad messages designed for a general audience. To make personal content possible, some signage systems now use facial recognition software, which is able to determine features like your gender and approximate age. This allows the signage to display somewhat of a more personalized message as you approach the monitor, such as using the correct pronoun or showing a product ad relevant for someone in your age group.

Analytics is a Must-Have

With the use of analytics, businesses will be able to obtain valuable data. This includes information on the number of views a specific ad is getting, the duration of those views, and the demographic that is viewing the content the most. This will allow retailers to show multiple ads, stick with the ones that are delivering the best results, and make adjustments to the ones that are failing to deliver the desired outcome. Having some type of analytics is a crucial factor and not having it in place is akin to trying to throw a dart at a bullseye with your eyes shut.

Every component of your marketing, from the initial digital signage design to the delivery of the content, will determine how your ads are received by your target audience. By keeping up with the latest trends, you keep yourself fresh and updated, which in turn keeps the consumers engaged and curious for more information.

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