Trade shows attract consumers from all walks of life who are eager to check out the latest companies hoping to make a solid first impression. Unfortunately, you are not exactly without competition. In fact, your booth is just one of the dozens of others that are vying for attention. You’re going to really have to bring your A-game and find a way to make your trade show booth design stand out more than the others.

  • Here’s the key: If your booth integrates digital signage in one form or another, you will have a tremendous advantage in eliciting customer attention.

How Digital Signage Contributes to a Stellar Trade Show Booth Design

Why does digital signage work better than traditional banners and posters?

For one thing, digital displays have a quality and vibe to them that really fits in with the technology era. People are so accustomed to their mobile devices these days that digital signage displays fit right in. It also gives you options that aren’t possible using paper banners. When people are bedazzled by high quality moving images with interactive capabilities, it stands to reason that they will be more inclined to check it out.

By contrast, a booth consisting of little more than a single banner and table doesn’t show to an audience that your company has gone the full mile to get their customers interested. It has what can be best described as a “children’s lemonade stand feel” that lacks originality and sophistication.

Trade Show Booth Design Ideas

Just having a digital signage display grace your booth isn’t enough. You have to have engagement-worthy content to go with it.

So what are some content ideas?

At the most basic level, the display may contain a video synopsis of your company or a specific product. This is an okay start; however, due to the prevalence of digital displays, other booths will likely also have their own signage systems. This means you should go beyond simple content and create a completely immersive experience. The way to do this is by making your content interactive, perhaps even creating some sort of game.

The type of content will differ depending on your company industry. Here are some examples to consider:

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  • For an automobile company, the display can provide a virtual tour of a car model. Users can use the touchscreen features to rotate the vehicle and get a close-up view of both the exterior and interior. A menu system can also be included to allow users to create their own custom car by swapping out features, such as the rims and upholstery.
  • For a sports apparel brand, some sort of digital game might work well. Some signage systems come with motion sensor capabilities. You can, for example, create a virtual basketball game without the need for an actual ball and basket.
  • A company promoting a new digital camera may use the signage as a photo booth by allowing users to have a picture taken of themselves. Participants can then use a menu system to edit the photo as they desire.


Giveaways should also be handed out to participants. In the sports apparel example, those who complete the game by making a successful shot can be given a promotional item, such as a shirt or mug. Those who don’t complete it can be given a smaller item like a promotional pencil or coaster.

In the camera example, you can send the photo to the participant’s email. Of course, this means they will have to submit their address, which is a way for you to build your subscriber’s list.

It’s all about creating enough awe to get people to interact with your booth. With a trade show booth design that makes use of digital signage, your exhibit will certainly stand out more than a company that decides to go old school and stick solely to paper banners and flyers.

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