Turn Your Standard Menu into a Digital Branding Machine

The foodservice establishment is no different than any other industry. Its success is dependent on providing a product and service that is consistently in demand by a targeted demographic. With restaurants, diners, and eateries appearing at just about every block, a business can become extremely competitive. This puts pressure on owners to constantly provide better menu options and prices; they also need to continuously refine their marketing approach to make their establishment a more desirable place to stop for lunch or takeout. One way to gain an extra advantage over the competitors is through the use of digital menu boards.

How Digital Menu Board Reshape the Way Patrons Dine

When customers step inside a restaurant, they are not just looking for a place to grab a bite; the environment and service are also making an impression on them, one which shapes their overall experience and influences whether they decide to return in the future. With digital menu boards, patrons are treated to a high-tech atmosphere where they can view the full menu spectrum without having to hold a physical menu in their hands. Establishments can also use digital signage to introduce the chef’s special of the day, update prices, introduce new cuisines or post the nutritional information, which is often required due to new food labeling laws.

Types of Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are normally handled from a central monitoring system where changes and updates can be made. All that is required is an LCD monitor and HDMI media player. New content can be saved on a USB drive and uploaded to the media player and controlled via remote control or smartphone. The monitor is usually mounted to the wall and can be viewed by customers in the eating area and in the waiting room.

Some signage displays also come in the form of a freestanding monitor mounted on a portable floor stand. These are great for outside display where it is easily visible to passers-by. Placing the monitor next to the entryway also provides an easy view for customers especially on busy days when a line is formed outside due to the waiting area being filled to capacity.

The Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

  • A versatile digital menu board can be updated with the introduction of new menu selections while old items can be removed with little effort.

  • New promotions can be displayed, which can directly influence buying choices and prompt customers to make extra purchases they may otherwise not have made.

  • Establishments can enhance the visibility of their brand and improve their image among both new and returning customers with visually stunning graphics that bring out the best detail of each cuisine shown in an enlarged format.

  • Restaurants can save money on printing and delivery costs associated with the traditional poster, banner and flyer printing.

Both Franchises and Locally Owned Eateries are Utilizing Digital Menus

More establishments are making the steadfast transition to digital menu boards. Multiple McDonald’s restaurants in the UK, for example, are currently experimenting with signage displays and evaluating how it impacts sales. So far, the display has proven to raise sales on some items by as much as 11%. Other establishments partaking in the transition include several Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in South Africa, a Taco John’s restaurant in Wyoming, and several Wok restaurants throughout the U.S. and Canada. However, it’s not just big-name franchises that are making optimal use of such technology. Locally and family-owned restaurants and even food trucks and outdoor food vendors are making the most of digital menu boards to drive sales to the fullest potential.

Obviously, customers that stop by a restaurant are looking to satisfy their appetite. However, they are also looking for an enjoyable consumer experience, and digital signage displays provide a whole technological sensation and experience that the average consumer will enjoy. Not to mention all the extra information that you’ll be able to provide them with using this convenient high-tech addition to your restaurant’s equipment.
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