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A Case Study >

Increased dwell time and improved sales through eye-catching content

Offering an unparalleled service station experience, APW combines fuel with convenience and were looking to upgrade their offer. APW engaged RetailMotion to improve their convenience store and help them evolve with the digital world to engage customers and increase sales of non-fuel related items.

Explore the digital transformation of APW

An image of the APW 6-screen menu board displaying the snowmax frozen drinks “slushies” campaign, featuring a polar bear drinking and an assortment of fruits and syrups exploding around it including raspberries, limes and cola ice cubes.

Filling up on fuel and food at APW

APW was looking to upgrade their petrol station convenience offer to increase conversions and the average transaction value on non-fuel convenience items in combination with their volume-driven fuel offer.

Our approach

Our task was to introduce a more appealing and dynamic electronic sign solution that would help APW capture the attention of customers as they walk inside the store to pay for their fuel. We were also briefed to spark appetite appeal through the use of beautiful photography and to drive sales across the different food ranges on offer.

We designed and developed six 32″ landscape digital menu displays that covered the entire three food and coffee display cabinets. RetailMotion also created the menu layouts and designed a six-screen takeover to promote the new ‘SnowMax’ frozen drink. Our solution encourages impulse purchases the moment a customer enters APW by using every square centimetre of visible space in all points of the store. We provide complete diagnostic technical and customer support for APW to support their entire digital signage system.

The outcome

Some of the challenges we faced included limited budget and limited space to create a solution that could capture the attention of customers as they are focused on paying for their fuel and leaving. The final result was a dynamic digital menu display that increased dwell time in-store and improved sales with eye-catching content that delivered on the client’s objectives.

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