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Driving a 250% increase in sales after the first quarter

Changing the way children access and consume media, Birde is a new brand in a new category. This startup brought the world the first interactive media player for children with curated safe online content from leading platforms. A pioneer in everything it was doing, Birde wanted to step up their digital evolution with RetailMotion.

Explore the digital transformation of Birde

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An image of a child tapping a Wiggles labelled Birde Seed to a Birde speaker and media player which is placed on the floor of the child’s play area, indicated by an assortment of children’s play toys in the background.

A new brand pioneering the digital world

Creating a place where young children can access safe and secure audiobooks, music and video content was the task Birde set out to achieve. This award-winning console automatically plays content right out of the box by simply tapping a content seed on the player. The task for RetailMotion was to help them sell this innovative console.

Our approach

We were engaged in designing and developing a complete eCommerce website to allow consumers to purchase Birde consoles and content, that matched the same customer experience of the product – simple, safe and intuitive. Our design needed to delight customers, attracting new and repeat users to drive sales and ultimately increase average transaction value. In beginning this project there was a clear shift from desktop to mobile purchasing so our solution had to reflect this.

The complete mobile-first eCommerce website was optimised to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, and sell products. We paired this with content and media campaigns designed to improve search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing. Through Google search, Google display, Facebook and Instagram we were able to target parents and grandparents with young children to drive website traffic. Utilising email marketing through an automated workflow further increased brand awareness with impressive open rates that drive repeat purchases.

An image of a lady sitting on a white lounge with her legs crossed. She is using her MacBook Pro laptop as she engages with the Birde store page, searching and viewing the different seed products available.
An image of a lady holding an iPhone with her right hand as she engages with the BIrde Instagram profile.


Increase in mobile sessions


Driving a sales increase


Increase in sales compared to the prior year.

Let the numbers do the talking

We executed the new mobile-first eCommerce website in two weeks and within the first month witnessed a 42% increase in mobile sessions, driving a sales increase of 37%. After the first quarter, there was a 250% increase in sales compared to the prior year. Overall the team at Birde were excited about how easy it was to work with the RetailMotion team and the exceptional results we delivered for them.

“The RetailMotion team has been terrific to work with. As a startup they really helped us get off the ground. I can’t recommend them highly enough if you are looking for a smart, pragmatic action-orientated team then you should chat with them.”

Leah Corkin

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Office, Birde

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