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Mezze Za Za

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Our Work >

Mezze Za Za

A Case Study >

Winning share of business through digital transformation

The Brisbane domestic airport casual dining space is a highly competitive environment. Airport Retail saw an opportunity to bring something special to the food court, a Mediterranean style souvlaki cuisine leading to Mezze Za Za beginning their digital transformation with RetailMotion.

Explore the digital transformation of Mezze Za Za

Digital Signage services in use

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Standing out to capture share

With many major franchises fighting for their share of business in Brisbane’s domestic airport, Mezze Za Za needed a way to attract customers and encourage trial of their new menu. It features a range of mouth-watering souvlaki meats, wrapped in pita bread paired with fresh salads.

Our approach

RetailMotion was asked to deliver a digital menu board with a content strategy that would influence customers to purchase. Our challenge was to incorporate this brand new, extensive and developing menu in an easy-to-read format that evoked appetite appeal and reduced queue times.

The outcome

We designed, developed, and installed two 75″ digital menu displays into a recessed cavity wall with a cloud-based content management system. RetailMotion provided complete menu board creative for Mezze Za Za to entice customers and increase sales. Other services we provide for Mezze Za Za include media planning and scheduling, proactive technical diagnostic troubleshooting, and ongoing customer support.

Despite the challenges, we were able to deliver the project on time, on budget, and with even more menu items than expected. We worked closely with the client, managing their expectations throughout the entire process.

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