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Prolon Mouthguards

A Case Study >
Our Work >

Prolon Mouthguards

A Case Study >

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A market leader in mouthguards in New Zealand, Prolon has been keeping kids and adults safe while playing sports for over 40 years. As their brand reputation strengthened so did the need to digitally transform their business. RetailMotion has been working with Prolon to allow them to continue providing quality products to sporting clubs and schools whilst developing their business for the future.

Explore the digital transformation of Prolon

Digital Marketing services in use

An icon displaying a “king” chess piece representing the strategy sub-service of digital marketing.


An icon displaying a piece of paper with horizontal lines written by a pen to indicate the development of content representing the content creation sub-service of digital marketing.

Content Creation

An icon displaying straight horizontal lines and a “” symbol to make reference to HTML code representing the website design and development sub-service of digital marketing.

Website Design & Development

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Landing Pages & Forms

An image of a strategy discussion, with four individuals focused on the presentation screen that is displaying the brand guidelines to be used on the Prolon Mouthguards website.

Well-loved brand, with a well-loved website

Prolon was using an outdated website with a manual email and fax ordering system that was time and resource-heavy. They needed to move away from this and towards an online ordering system to reduce costs, fulfill greater numbers of orders faster, and to allow for international expansion.

Our approach

We created the complete brand, communication, and digital growth plans for a new eCommerce website paired with a new email marketing strategy. By integrating our email marketing with the new website, we were able to compile a new email database and establish automated workflows to generate new wholesale accounts. Using online analytics, we also set up to track a series of conversion metrics to optimise marketing spend.

The outcome

With a limited budget and an overseas client, we faced our challenges. However, the customers reported great feedback and the client was extremely happy with the services we delivered.

An image of a lady engaging with her MacBook air as she views and users the Prolon Mouthguards website. The laptop is currently displaying the home page’s header carousel, showing a group of children in soccer uniforms smiling with the words “Everyone should be able to enjoy sport without fear of dental injury” overlaid.
An image of a female and a male sitting at a table conducting a google analytics dashboard review on the Prolon Mouthguards website using a laptop.

“ When it comes to thinking power, these guys have it all covered from A-Z. They developed an insightful strategy, the creative work was spot on and the development of the site was delivered on time and on budget. I would work with them again in a flash.”

Craig Dais

Chief Executive Officer, Innova Products - Prolon Mouthguards

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